What is "the improved planning"

What is "the improved planning"

Improved – means better, than normal. And what "normal" planning means now? In the modern world the huge choice of apartments. However many people live in communal flats "/five-storey apartment blocks" "/ships". Whether will be for them "improved" the apartment in new building with kitchen of 8 square meters? Or the improved planning assumes availability of more spacious rooms?

As earlier and as now

Approximately prior to the beginning of zero years any apartments were considered as "improved", on the area and parameters it is more and more comfortable than so-called "five-storey apartment blocks". It were apartments with separate bathroom, kitchen it is more than 6 meters with entrance from corridor, lack of communicating rooms, availability of balcony or loggia.

Now all new buildings would be considered as improved. But modern requirements of the person to comfort have increased. The apartment is considered "the improved planning" if its configuration and set of rooms answer much bigger parameters, than minimum demanded by Construction Norms and Regulations.

That, as well as how many

So, availability of spacious living rooms with good proportions is characteristic of modern apartments with the improved planning. These are bedrooms of at least 12-15 m, living rooms – 20–30 m. Rooms have to be relatives on dimensions to square or rectangle with ratio of the parties no more than 2:3. Rooms have to be well lit with large windows and the French balconies. Also in bedrooms the availability individual wardrobe, bathrooms and bathrooms with entrance directly from the room is desirable. The kitchen in the "improved" apartments has to be at least 12 meters for the one-room apartment, 15 – for two- and three-room. Combination of kitchen with the dining room is possible, then its area has to be even more – percent on thirty. The improved planning is characterized considerably also by presence in the apartment of auxiliary and utility rooms. These are spacious halls, halls, wide corridors. The fitted cupboards, storerooms, laundry places give to the apartment more comfort and functionality. The quantity of bathrooms in the "improved" apartment is normal one less, than rooms. At the same time separate master's bathrooms – located close to bedrooms, and guest – near entrance and the living room. Bathrooms should not adjoin to kitchens. The separate or adjacent bathroom – is now question of preferences of owners, but not sign of "uluchshennost" in any way. Bathrooms can be rather spacious, with possibility of installation not only bathtub and shower cabin, but also the sauna equipment. Certainly, the improved planning assumes obligatory availability of balconies/loggias/terraces at least 120 cm wide. Ideally, each bedroom has to have exit to balcony or loggia. Besides planning and functional characteristics, the apartment with the improved planning has to be well oriented on parts of the world, have attractive views from windows and height of ceilings not less than 3 meters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team