What is the laminated window

What is the laminated window

The respectability of the dwelling in many respects depends on color of frame at windows, and white color already not always sign of good form. The laminated windows allow to create the necessary color in internal interior and give originality to building facade. There are several types of lamination: front, internal, bilateral and full.

Qualitatively made windows plastic laminated serve longer than imposing of multilayered film, normal at the expense of special technology. They are much better protected from ultraviolet rays and are resistant to impact of atmospheric precipitation. However exterior is considered the main advantage: it is possible to choose any "wooden" shade, monophonic bright colors, "marbled" textures, "stamping" and even "skin". At the same time the invoice can also be any, including rough, "veined".

Production of the laminated windows

For creation of the PVC window laminated it is required not 3-4 days, as usual, and the whole two weeks. Such long process is connected with features of technology. At first apply primer, that is special soil for the best coupling on ready surface of profile. Then the acrylic multilayered film is pasted and the part is rolled via the system of rollers with different extent of pressing under high temperature. As a result the reliable protecting cover considerably improving properties of profile turns out.

Types of the laminated windows

  • Front lamination looks color only from outer end, from within window white. This option best of all is suitable for those whose houses are recognized as cultural property of the city and in which it is impossible to establish normal white frames, on such laminated windows the price is the lowest.
  • Internal lamination is normal white window outside and color inside. Such frames allow to create unique interior in the house and at the same time not to overpay.
  • Bilateral lamination — such windows look color from facade and from the room, but internal part of frame remains white, it is visible when opening shutter.
  • Full lamination "in weight" - all parts are covered with film, such windows laminated under tree cannot almost be distinguished from the original. Such technology demands especially thorough adjustment from the producer, not everyone can provide the necessary quality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team