What is the shielding of hair

What is the shielding of hair

Shielding of hair – one of the newest and expensive, but at the same time and the most popular procedures. It is chosen by women who want their curls to become same dense and brilliant, as at beauties from shampoo advertizing.

Essence and result of shielding of hair

Shielding assumes drawing on lock of special unique structure. This means is intended for recovery of structure of each hair. It envelops curls, doing them dense, beautiful, giving them healthy and well-groomed look. By means of such procedure it is possible to restore even the locks spoiled by long experiments with hair dryers, irons, paints, the decolouring solutions. Specially picked up vitamin complexes which feed locks are part of means for shielding of hair and provide them reliable protection against adverse effect of the environment.

Shielding of hair can be colourless and color. The first option is used in case it is necessary to keep natural shade of locks, but at the same time to restore structure of hair and to make them more dense. Remember that at repetition of the procedure the effect becomes stronger and noticeable. As for color shielding, it is chosen by women who want to change shade of hair, but do not wish to spoil locks means which part harmful alkalis, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide are. Such procedure makes the sparing impact, treats hair and softly paints them.

Pluses and minuses of shielding of hair

The main shortcomings at this procedure only three. First, it costs much even if the girl manages to make everything in house conditions, but not to ask for the help the master. Secondly, the effect remains not for long – on average within 1-1.5 months. It is connected with the fact that the protective film is gradually washed away, and as a result hair become limp and vulnerable again. Thirdly, increasing density of locks, means for shielding increases also their rigidity. As a result hair become more "prickly", lose softness and tenderness – at least, to the touch. Advantages at such procedure it is much bigger. It is possible to hold it regularly, so, you will be able to update protective film monthly, and your hair will always look faultlessly. Laying of locks after holding procedure of shielding becomes significantly simpler: even the most disobedient curls stop being problem for lovers of beautiful hairstyles. Hair become much more brilliant and dense after the first procedure – it is difficult to achieve such effect even after repeated use of professional shampoos and conditioners. At last, if to make shielding after coloring, the intensity of color will remain for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team