What is TISE technology

What is TISE technology

Now very great popularity among builders of individual households was won BY TISE technology. The uniqueness of this technology consists in the following: you can personally construct inhabited cottage with the most minimum expenses, without employing at the same time construction crew. This technology is more than 25 years old.


1. For lifetime the TISE technology has positively proved in the construction market. The concept "TISE" is commercial abbreviation: Technology of Individual Construction and Ecology. The houses built by the principle of TISE are positioned as reliable and strong, and the base made on this technology can be built even on puchinisty lands. At the same time it will be high-strength and durable.

2. The main tools which will be necessary for you for construction of the house on this technology it is drill for forming of wells for piles and figurative timbering for production of blocks on walls. Besides, in addition the concrete mixer can be necessary for you for acceleration of process of work, but it is possible to do also without it. When using this technology you will not depend on the brought electricity to construction site, you should not employ the special construction equipment which usually costs expensive very, that is, using TISE technology, you begin to save already on initial stage of construction.

3. TISE provides production of pile continuous footing which is formed by means of special drills. It can be built on any soil, except for quicksand. It is necessary to pay attention that deepening for pile needs to be done lower than the level of freezing of the earth. After you have drilled all openings at distance 1.5 meters from each other, start filling of piles cement, previously having made isolation of walls of piles roofing material. For strengthening of design armature with a diameter from 6 to 32 mm according to the design load of the base is used. After mounting of piles, they are filled in with continuous footing after which hardening it is possible to begin to put up walls.

4. Walls are put up with use of figurative timbering which allows to make hollow blocks which internal cavities are filled with haydite.

5. Between ranks of blocks bazaltoplasticheschky armature and grid from fiber glass keeps within. All this is applied to creation of the strengthened wall design. After mounting of one ryadya it is necessary to wait for wall blocks till 4 o'clock in warm weather and till 7 o'clock in cold before beginning to put the second row of blocks.

6. For production of concrete blocks concrete solution in proportion 1 volume of cement prepares for 5 volumes of sand. It is desirable for average and large granularity to use sand.

7. The TISE technology does not provide any restrictions on finishing or warming of the built buildings, it means that construction is possible also in northern areas with increase in heat-insulation layer and removal of additional waterproofing.

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