What it is better to have - the house or the apartment?

What it is better to have - the house or the apartment?

Until recently the vast majority of city dwellers lived in apartments, without thinking of construction of own house. Today construction technologies became simpler and more available, there were firms ready for moderate payment build the house therefore people began to think of advantages and shortcomings of accommodation of the house or of the apartment. The choice depends on preferences and way of life of people, it is impossible to tell precisely where it is better to live.

Life in owner-occupied dwelling

As a rule, the owner-occupied dwelling is located on the parcel even if it small, and its considerable part is occupied by residential unit and other constructions, all the same there is enough area for rest and realization of the desires – for cultivation of garden, construction of the playground or the pool, construction of bath, creation of landscaping, keeping of pets or housekeeping.

In the apartment it is impossible to breed rabbits and even to support large dog very inconveniently and difficult.

One of the most noticeable advantages of owner-occupied dwelling is absence of neighbors behind the walls. Inhabitants nearby of the standing houses cannot be compared to flatmates: they will not fill in ceiling, will not rustle or awake you with drill sounds in the mornings, you should not be irritated because of the garbage in the stairwell left by unscrupulous inhabitants of the neighboring apartment. Neighbors are in owner-occupied dwelling rather far – behind fence therefore interests are crossed much less often.

Though in such situation the conflicts connected with construction of fence or the address of windows on adjoining property are possible.

The owner-occupied dwelling is attractive that in it all can be thought over independently to trifles, especially if you are going to build it from scratch. It is possible to choose both exterior, and the number of floors, and location of rooms, and orientation of windows on the parties – that everything was ideal. If desired it is possible to transfer any internal partitions if they are not bearing whereas in apartments it is necessary to get the corresponding permission. Owner-occupied dwellings, as a rule, on the area it is more therefore allow all members of household to take place with convenience. In the modern world of people it is dependent on comfort which is provided by the engineering systems of water supply, heating, electricity, the sewerage. On the one hand, in the apartment it is not necessary to care for such problems if everything well works – but it is necessary to depend on the established tariffs for these services and to be reconciled with the schedule of giving of heat or interruptions in water supply. In the house it is possible to install autonomous systems – electricity generators, the well, the furnace or fireplace.

Life in the apartment

Life in the city apartment gives the chance to reach quickly any necessary point even for lack of the machine: nearby there are always hospital, kindergarten, school, shops. All entertaining infrastructure and institutions providing various services are nearby. In the city of people feels more safely: the fire truck, ambulance, police will up to one apartment quicker reach. Mail reaches quickly, the Internet well works, there is cable television, unlike some country areas. In the city good roads, and they should not be cleaned independently at entrance from snow. In the apartment, of course, it is necessary to pay for communications on tariffs, but the most part of time everything works, and at emergence of problem it is not necessary to look for the decision independently. Also it is not necessary most to make repairs of entrance, to maintain quality of communications, to take out garbage. But, living in the apartment, it is necessary to be reconciled with bad environmental setting, the noise on the street, unpleasant neighbors closed by space.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team