What it is more favorable - to build the house or to buy ready?

What it is more favorable - to build the house or to buy ready?

Many families dream of own owner-occupied dwelling in the cottage settlement. The house can be built independently or to employ for this purpose crew, and it is possible to buy already the site with the ready house. If to speak only about financial investments, then construction of the house will be cheaper, than its purchase. But also that, and certain merits and demerits have other option.

Construction of the house theof hands is always cheaper, than all other options. Even involvement of team of builders or the order of the house at firm will involve in most cases less financial costs, than purchase of the ready house. Though the difference is insignificant so to take into account only it. The benefit is not only financial economy, but also set of other factors: it is necessary to consider terms during which it will be possible to drive to the new house, expenses of time and forces, compliance of the house to your desires. Therefore it is impossible to tell definitely that more favourably, in each individual case it is necessary to weigh all pluses and minuses and to find the right decision.

Independent construction of the house

The main plus of independent construction of the house is that you have much bigger freedom in the choice of the site and almost unlimited freedom in the choice of exterior, design, the sizes and plannings of the house. Suitable sites with houses much less, than empty. Most often upon purchase of the ready building with the site it is necessary to sacrifice something: either location of the site, or its landscape, or architecture of the house. It is possible to choose the perfect place with ideal cottage infinitely, and to find only the site much more simply: only its arrangement, the sizes and exterior are taken into account.

The independent choice of the project, accounting of all your desires and the smallest features for each family member – too huge plus at construction of the house. You can pick up the necessary planning, the number of rooms, the number of floors, the sizes of rooms, availability of the basement or penthouse and many other things.

To find the ready house in which all parts would suit you very difficult, anyway there will be something what it is necessary to reconcile to.

Also you are free in purchase of materials, in interior and external finish, in their price. If there is not enough money for involvement of experts, part of works it is possible to conduct independently. Construction of the house is more favorable financially not only because it is necessary to invest less money, but also because it is possible to spend the budget step by step, in process of its receipt: at first to implement the available sum, then to save up and continue to build until the house is ready.

One more important plus – feeling of own pride of construction of the house.

But independent construction has also shortcomings. As a rule, it is long process which can take several years. Also it is necessary most to solve all problems: from development or purchase of the project before the choice of performers. It becomes even more difficult if to undertake construction of the house or to play role of the foreman. It is necessary to spend a lot of time and forces to construct cottage.

Purchase of the house

The main advantages of purchase of the house are quickly and simply. It is only necessary to have the necessary sum and to spend some time for search of suitable cottage. At the same time it is possible to evaluate at once all factors whereas at construction of the house a lot of things change, and the end result is definitely not known in advance. But it will be difficult to too exacting buyers to buy the house which will suit them in all respects. Problems with execution of the transaction of sale are also possible, though upon purchase of the site they are not excluded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team