What it is necessary to know about landing of onion sets towards the winter

What it is necessary to know about landing of onion sets towards the winter

Cultivation of onions on turnip when landing sevka towards the winter practices long ago. At the correct agrotechnology the harvest of such landing in new season considerably exceeds on quality and the safety is much higher than it too.

If the decision is made that to subwinter landing of onion sets to be, then it is necessary to know several elementary rules of cultivation.

Choice of the place

It is necessary to have beds only on the solar, warmed-up places. Luk likes to bathe in sunshine. In such conditions he will have delicate taste, fragrant, sweetish. It is important that the bed has been chosen taking into account spring water that onions have not been flooded with melt waters. Choosing the place, you remember that crop rotation - one of components of success of rich harvest.

Preparation and filling of the soil

Onions will please with kind harvest if the soil is well deoxidated and its reaction will be neutral. Therefore do not feel sorry for it for ashes if it is absent, then apply the deoxidating fertilizers, dolomite powder, lime slaked lime, vermiculite. On sour soils, onions badly ripen and more often are ill.

Best of all onions grow on the argillo-arenaceous soil. Therefore safely add bank sand if clay soil, especially in grooves.

From fertilizers most of all onions need calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Chloride potassium do not use fertilizer! Luk do not transfer chlorine. Apply nitrogen only on initial growth phase. You bring humus, compost in reasonable doses.

The soil on bed is prepared at least for 7... 10 days on landings sevka. In it introduce fertilizers, dig over, plan grooves and leave about day of landing.

Choice of planting stock

It suits for subwinter landing only small pilferers with a diameter no more than one centimeter. Larger fractions will go to arrow and suit only for receiving greens in the spring.

Time of planting of onion sets

The onion sets are planted after winter garlic several weeks later. The soil will completely be cooled by this time and it will be difficult to process it by this time. Therefore, prepare the soil in advance, stock up with the soil (humus, compost) to powder lukovichka in grooves. Do not twist onion in the soil, and decompose, without damaging collum. Bulbs have to only manage to take roots hardly. Pilferers are landed on depth of 3...5 cm.

In case of hard winter it is useful to zamulchirovat bed leaves, peat, sawdust, fir-tree fir twigs that bulbs have not frozen. In the early spring all mulch is removed as soon as the soil on the site thaws.

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