What it is possible to replace washing and cleansers in the house with

Sometimes there are situations when in the house there are no certain means for cleaning and hygiene, and to reach shop and to buy there is no opportunity. Whether it is possible to replace one means with another and how it can be done?

Let's begin with the fact that household chemicals — goods specific. Despite external monotony (not packings, but purpose), for each type of homeworks special means are created. It and is not surprising if to consider, to example that laundry detergents for hand wash it is very abundant foam and if to fill up such powder in the washing machine automatic machine, then the foam which has got from all slots "will kill" electronic fittings of the unit.

For washing children's the prophetic hostess now too prefer to use special children's soap that is justified: it does not contain many substances potentially dangerous and harmful to skin and the respiratory system of the kid.

But if nevertheless there was force majeur situation, then you should not despair. However, to wash in the machine it will not turn out before powder acquisition, but hands — quite. For washing it is good to use normal laundry soap, wholesale now, of course nobody buys it as earlier, but the piece should be held in the house always. This soap perfectly copes with proteinaceous, fat pollution, spots from human activity and also with some vegetable dyes, like juice of beet, carrots, grapes, cherry.

But it is necessary to remember what can be erased this soap at temperature not higher than 50 degrees, that is, to boil white diapers with it it will not turn out: after rinsing of thing will not gain desired whiteness. Laundry soap — it it is better to dissolve one more nuance of washing in water, having rubbed with shaving. Otherwise the effect of washing will be not really good, especially if there is a lot of pollution also they generally mineral (dust, the earth).

You should not soap also proteinaceous spots soap — it will turn in thin film and will block access of alkali to pollution. It is better to wet thing in soap solution.

Powder for washing of woolen things can be replaced with shampoo. It is better if shampoo does not contain balms and conditioners, that is shampoo three or two in one will not approach. And here soft children's shampoos not only it is careful, but will effectively wash woolen sweater, but also will soften fibers, will make them elastic.

To wipe bathtub surface, means for cleaning is not bought yet, it is possible to use baking soda. It can be mixed with laundry detergent, to fill on the surface moistened with water and to leave for half an hour. Then intensively to wipe surface of bathtub and to rinse.

If on faience surface of sink or toilet bowl there were rust drips, then will help to remove them the vinegar which is warmed up up to 45–50 degrees. But attention: it is necessary to heat vinegar at open window leaf, to protect eyes points, hands gloves, and mouth and nose the mask at least improvised from handkerchief. Will be to water spot with vinegar enough and to leave for 20–30 minutes then to wash away and clean surface soda with laundry detergent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team