What mascara the best

What mascara the best

more than 50 years of the woman of all age cannot do without mascara. This means breaks records in popularity among decorative cosmetics. To choose ink which will satisfy all inquiries, it is worth studying the most popular products.

For a start it is necessary to understand what effects of mascara exist. It is necessary to consider that there is no product which would work in all directions. Therefore for lengthening and increase in volume use different hulks.

Versatile properties of ink

Initially ink intended for coloring and lengthening of eyelashes. At the beginning of the 20th century the producers used small nylon and silk fibers which, sticking to cilia, created additional length. Modern firms include silicone in structure of the products.

It is impossible to ignore products for increase in volume. At means formula surely there is wax enveloping each eyelash and giving it additional splendor. Waterproof ink has no properties, except painting. It is necessary to use such product only as required, for example, before campaign on the beach. Regular use of resistant ink can lead to irritation of eyes. Most often, studying effects of mascara, girls stop the choice on tightening up. This product possesses not only the special fixing formula, but also brush of special form.

Products for lengthening

For those who suffer from sensitivity of eyes the best mascara is Artifix from Pupa. This product not only visually increases length of eyelashes, but also prevents their loss due to presence at its composition of almond oil. It is good choice for women with middle-income and predisposition to allergy. Young girls of by Maybelline, delighted with Lash Stiletto. After coloring of eyelashes this ink, they become coal-black, glossy and elastic. Besides, the special formula provides uniform distribution of substance. Products of the oldest French brand of Rimmel, in particular Extra Super Lash ink, carefully paint over each eyelash, giving to look expressiveness.

Dizzy volume

Most often, the splendor of eyelashes is more important than their length. The best mascara giving volume is Lash Extension Effect from MaxFactor. The professional product with brush of unusual form creates effect of building. Also Volume Glamour Ultra Care ink from Bourjois was very much fallen in love to women. Its brush paints over the shortest cilia, giving them bewitching volume and at the same time looking after. Besides the listed products, flourishes Diorshow Extase (Dior), Telescopic Explosion (L’Oréal), Exceptionnel Noir Obscure (Channel), Mascara Singulier (Yves Saint-Laurent) and Phenomen’Eyes Effet Extension (Givenchy) have effect of false eyelashes.

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