What mistakes are made most often in kitchen

What mistakes are made most often in kitchen

In vanity of daily affairs the most part of work on the house and kitchen of the woman is done mechanically, kind of on the automatic machine. Cooking, washing of ware and tableware has turned into routine long ago, however even the most skilled hostesses make number of mistakes in kitchen which availability do not even guess.

Storage of bread and bakery products

Most of us stores bread in lockers in kitchen or gets bread boxes. However bread at the room temperature quickly hardens or becomes covered by mold. As long as possible to keep bread fresh, especially if it is bought for the future, it is the best of all to store it in the fridge, having turned previously in package that smells of other food were not absorbed.

Storage of milk and dairy products

Practically in each family milk is stored in fridge door, and it is natural, there is such convenient shelf. Nevertheless, in this place of the fridge temperature is slightly higher, than on shelves that promotes fast souring of milk.


Cooking - daily need, and many them prepare us food sort from the recipe, but all ingredients undertake by eye, but not in severity with the recipe. Often it can turn out absolutely not that it was planned. Especially it concerns preparation of pastries. By the way, the oven, during baking of fancy bread, is strictly forbidden to be opened as dough and finished products too, can sink.

Meat defrosting

Often, to save time, we defreeze meat in the microwave or we put it in hot water. Time - that, of course, is saved, and here meat at the same time loses practically all the tastes. Whenever possible, meat needs to be taken out from the freezer in advance, having left it to be defrozen on the lower shelf of the fridge.

Preparation of meringue or beating of proteins

Whipped whites are used in preparation of many sweet dishes. That foam was strong and did not accumulate, eggs need to be taken at the room temperature.

Storage of vegetables and fruit

As long as possible to keep freshness of vegetables and fruit, we often store them in the fridge, in so-called ovoshchnik. BUT! Majority of starchy vegetables and fruit: potatoes, carrots, bananas and so forth under the influence of low temperatures spoil much quicker.

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