What mistakes can be made at crops of seeds on seedling

What mistakes can be made at crops of seeds on seedling

To grow up healthy seedling - very responsible and, often, quite difficult business. But the quality of seedling often affects the fate of all harvest therefore it is important to avoid mistakes at its landing.

Low-quality seeds

Upon purchase of seeds it is necessary to give preference to the checked producers. It is also important to buy seeds of those grades which are suitable for cultivation in your region. Well also you should not forget to pay attention to the effective lives specified on each packing. Bad or overdue seeds can simply not ascend, or shoots will be sluggish, not capable to bring harvest.

Improper soil

Each plant needs certain minerals and useful substances which contain in the soil. Therefore it is important to consider it and to choose soil for seedling depending on requirements of each culture. Pochvosmes it is possible to buy in shop or to prepare independently.

Lack of preparation of seeds for crops

To prepare seeds for crops on seedling, experienced vegetable growers carry out number of procedures. Such as calibration, etchback, stratification, hardening and soaking. But It should be noted that on sale there are also already completely prepared seeds, they do not need to be processed.

Wrong sowing time of seeds

All seeds, depending on grade, have the sowing time. The producer surely specifies them on bag of seeds. It is necessary to be guided by these terms, choosing date of crops of seedling. Too early or, on the contrary, overdue crops will lead to the fact that seedling or will outgrow and will be sluggish, or will not manage to grow by the time of disembarkation in soil.

Too deep crops of seeds

Seeds are required to be sowed on certain depth. Usually it is specified on packing, you should not neglect these recommendations. Otherwise too deeply seeded seeds can simply not ascend.

Too dense crops of seeds

At dense crops seedling cannot normally develop after shoots. Plants lack nutrients and also the place for development and growth. Such seedling will be extended and will be too weak and not viable. It is necessary to watch that seeds have been planted at sufficient distance from each other. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team