What myths about make-up exist

What myths about make-up exist

It is so got that the woman is constantly painted. And for what she does it, there is no definite answer. It is natural that cosmetics changes women, but whether it is always appropriate it is already necessary?! There are several myths about cosmetics.

Myth 1. Cosmetics does the woman more beautiful

If the make-up is made competently, then this statement of 100% true. But here if this make-up is made in a hurry, then the result, will be deplorable rather.

Myth 2. Cosmetics ages

This very controversial statement. Very often very young girl, having imposed on itself make-up ton, looks is about 10 flyings more senior, but here women aged can save the situation at the expense of cosmetics, and at the same time to look younger.

Myth 3. The man will not pay attention to not made up woman

Well, watching what make-up here. If make-up moderate, then it is quite possible that the man will pay attention to you. Also It is necessary to tell that there is big percent of men who categorically do not love strongly made up women.

Myth 4. Cosmetics deprives of us identity

Here the main thing to find the style which will be in harmony with your image. The main thing, listen to the inner voice if you feel comfortably, so you do everything true.

Myth 5. The made-up girl looks thoughtless

These are rather remnants of the Soviet past. Rather recently was considered that only vulgar women use cosmetics. And how many stories how the made-up schoolgirls at school were expelled to remove make-up?! Now absolutely other time. But it, however, does not mean that it is necessary to direct fighting color by all means. Everything has to be moderately. And the girl who is made up naturally never will look the thoughtless person.

 Myth 6. It is indecent to go without make-up to work or on a visit

 Here everything is individual. There are women who cannot just leave the house without make-up. It it is so comfortable, and in it there is nothing bad. At the same time, there are women for whom to direct real torment maraft. And here it is not laziness, and that it it is inconvenient and they do not feel comfort. However, presence of make-up has not turned yet into obligation therefore act as it is convenient to you.

Myth 7. Intimate meeting? The make-up is obligatory!

Yes, there are also such women who have got used to be in full rigging even in bed with the beloved. By the way, there are no guarantees that this make-up will not deteriorate during love caress. Especially in passion rush, most likely you will not think of make-up. And what will see loved in the morning? Cosmetics smeared on the person. Agree, show of beauty very doubtful. So, probably, it is better to avoid this situation and not to do make-up at all. After all, your man loves you, but not your cosmetics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team