What needs to be known to choose sliding wardrobe

What needs to be known to choose sliding wardrobe

Such piece of furniture as sliding wardrobe, as a rule, differs on execution, besides, they are separated into two types: built-in and case. Their essential difference is that frameworks are made according to absolutely different scheme. Choosing sliding wardrobe, it is necessary to know some subtleties then not to regret about functionality of the purchase.

Case sliding wardrobes

The case sliding wardrobe is made by blocks separate from each other which consist of back wall and sidewall. Each of its sections has the separate door. When the buyer wants to order furniture on individual sample, producers can adjust desirable subject of the dimensions demanded by the customer. At adjustment by the sizes of the cabinets existing in catalogs of the producer generally change only some parts or separate parts of what is made on the conveyor. It is worth noticing that, as a rule, the prices of sliding wardrobes can change, but these changes in the price only insignificantly there are higher than the cost of standard options, well and, of course, is much cheaper, than to make sliding wardrobe to order on individual sample.

Built-in sliding wardrobes

The built-in furniture, unlike case, has no box. The built-in sliding wardrobes fasten to ceiling and walls. On these fastenings all design also keeps. For the most dense adherence of elements the profile is adjusted to necessary form. It gives the chance almost completely to exclude hit of dust, air or moisture inside. The increased spaciousness of the built-in sliding wardrobe is reached because in design there are no sidewalls and also overlapping which in normal sliding wardrobes is placed from above. The size and the number of shelves, boxes, the established bars, and the most important, their arrangement, is defined, proceeding from desire of the customer.

Shortcomings of sliding wardrobes to order

Getting sliding wardrobe to order, the buyer receives that piece of furniture which completely corresponds to its wishes. Production of furniture to order has the minuses - it is the price which it is insignificant, but above standard types and also production time. As a rule, individual orders are made longer, than normal options. But during cardinal changes and shift in the apartment or the house, as a rule, all issues are not resolved in one afternoon.

What advantages of production of furniture to order

Production of sliding wardrobes to order has a number of primary distinctions. It is made according to the parameters stipulated during execution of the order; the customer independently defines the most convenient for himself complete set and style and also the sizes and quantity of boxes, racks and shelves; the customer himself defines and chooses production material; all furniture which is made to order obtains guarantee from the producer.

Now it is possible to order furniture not only in specialized salon, to buy sliding wardrobe in online store will not deliver special work. Experienced employees-consultants will be able to help the customer with selection of the necessary size, material of production and color. At the same time all nuances are observed, and the acquired furniture on quality and beauty will concede nothing to the analogs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team