What needs to be made in flower bed in May

What needs to be made in flower bed in May

In May the beds please with violence of paints. Bright islands of tulips, primroses, narcissuses, forget-me-nots decorate sites. Admiring flower bed, we do not forget also about care for it.

Care for bulbous

During budding and on start of blossoming feed up kornevishchny and bulbous perennials any complex mineral fertilizer. They do not love organic fertilizing. After blossoming introduce the fertilizers containing potassium and phosphorus. Nitrogen during this period is not necessary any more. 

Water blossoming bulbous with all the heart, especially letnetsvetushchy (gladioluses, dahlias, Cannes). So that soil has become impregnated with moisture on depth not less than 20 cm. It is especially relevant at dry weather. 

Enough moisture will allow to keep foliage green after blossoming much longer. Thanks to it the bed will have not such look sad, as in case with faded yellow sheets. Besides, only in green leaves there is formation of nutrients for bulb. And what they will be green longer, i.e. live, that blossoming in the next season will be more magnificent.

Reproduction and rejuvenation

May – the best time for reproduction or rejuvenation of kornevishchny perennials. By division such plants as perfectly breed: peony, geykher, coneflower, host, ekhinatseya. Be not afraid to divide them, to old copies it does well only. 

Pochvopokrovniki, many bushes and long-term lianas multiply in May layers. This way is optimum for forzition, spring phloxes, carnations.

Previously remove weeds around plant, loosen soil, place escapes and record them to the earth by means of wire or pin for hair. Fill up to layer with soil, having left top over surface.

Periodically humidify the soil. The next year the layers will well take roots and they can give constant registration.

Disembarkation and crops

As soon as the threat of subzero temperatures passes, safely plant seedling of annual plants in flower bed. Previously temper them in the fresh air within two weeks.

It is possible to carry out crops of ingates to the same period by seeds on bed at once. They look effectively when grow at big groups. Before crops mark borders under each look. They can be lined sand or sawdust.

Directly in soil sow such unpretentious cultures as lavater, marigold, ipomeya, mattiola, lobulyariya.

In the first half of May plant gladioluses. Before landing examine them regarding decay.

Care for lawn

The lawn often is frame of flower beds therefore we do not forget also about it. In May in due time you carry out its hairstyle, removal of weeds, waterings. Do not forget about introduction of fertilizing. Exterior of lawn in the future depends on it.  

These simple recommendations will allow you to admire flower bed throughout all season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team