What paint to use for ceiling in the bathroom

What paint to use for ceiling in the bathroom

At repair works in the bathroom, paint is used not so often as most of owners considers that because of the increased humidity it quickly will deteriorate. But nevertheless to paint ceiling in this room it will turn out quite qualitatively and for a long time.

The main objective is to pick up suitable paint and varnish structure. It has to maintain influence of humid air and also do ceiling surface of the most esthetic. What options are possible?

Silicate paint for ceiling in the bathroom

Undoubted advantage of such structure it is possible to call its ability to resist to moisture and also to reduce risk of development of fungus. Still it is possible to praise silicate paint for the fact that it long remains practically on any working surface. Its shade long time will look brightest. Unfortunately, it is difficult to work with such material because of its low elasticity. At the same time, vapor permeability of layer of silicate paint extremely low. Therefore the microclimate in the bathroom can be not the most pleasant.

Silicone paint for ceiling surface

This paint and varnish structure rather well resists to contact with moisture, besides to it temperature differences are not terrible. From considerable advantages of material it is possible to call its ecological purity, vapor permeability, excellent exterior. By means of silicone structure also it turns out to get rid of insignificant damages, cracks and other defects. But, to buy such goods, it is necessary to spend more means. But the result when painting ceiling in the bathroom will be excellent.

Acrylic paint in the bathroom

Material of this type belongs to group of water dispersible paints therefore it quickly dries, effectively looks, well resists to mechanical loadings and long remains at the correct leaving. By means of acrylic paint the ceiling surface can be protected from mold, for some time to save from contact with water. It is quite simple to work with this structure therefore owners can apply independently paint on ceiling in the bathroom qualitatively. The problem of material is only that it costs quite much.

Of course, there are many other paints, but listed above are suitable for the bathroom most of all. Having painted ceiling any of these structures, it will turn out to make for several years the bathroom presentable and at the same time functional.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team