What plants will be suitable for shady garden

Some summer residents very much worry because their country house is located in shadow and also in garden there are a lot of shady places. And many dream of the blossoming garden. Actually there is set of the blossoming plants which will be suitable for shady garden.


1. Best of all in shadow hosts feel, they blossom in July and in August and their white, lilac and lilac flowers very much remind lilies. Tails quickly expand and are not whimsical at all. On one place they can grow several years. To the soil the hosts are not especially exacting, but better after all develop on the fertile, friable and moderately humidified lands.

2. It is good to surround tall hosts with primroses, they are landed around in two, three rows and when in the spring leaves just begin to make the way from under the earth, your garden will decorate primrose flowers.

3. Near host it is possible to put bergenia tolstolisty, its wide leathery leaves and gain in the spring beautiful crimson color in the fall, and lilac flowers reveal in April and are pleasing to the eye.

4. In shady corners of garden the foxglove and monk's-hood will well take root. The foxglove blossoms in July and August, and monk's-hood will be dismissed in August or in September.

5. Near host multi-colored crested birds will well grow, they blossom in the early spring too.

6. The hellebore, lilies of the valley and hepatica liverworts will well feel in shadow bright anemone. And near these forest flowers will well grow such bulbous as hazel grouse imperial and hazel grouse chess.

7. Such species of lilies as tiger, Japanese or golden will well blossom on sites with partial blackout.

8. Light fabric the best place for rhododendrons which will decorate your garden bright with flowers in the spring and will be pleasing to the eye their bright foliage in the fall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team