What radiators to choose: aluminum or bimetallic

What radiators to choose: aluminum or bimetallic

Many people do not want to use pig-iron radiators any more and give preference to modern batteries. They well look in modern interior of apartments. But there is choice problem: what to buy heating appliances - aluminum or bimetallic.

Batteries from aluminum on exterior cannot be distinguished from bimetallic radiators. The difference between them exists only in the building and working properties. Choosing the equipment for heating, it is necessary to consider in what place it will be established.

Aluminum batteries

These radiators beautifully look externally, have the small weight and small cost. Material from which produce these batteries possesses high heat emission and ability to heat up promptly. They are compact at any quantity of sections therefore they take not enough place. But at all this aluminum heat exchangers possess shortcomings. The main problem can be considered quality of the water passing on them: not the safe amount in it of rust or any other firm particles because at circulation they are capable to scratch inside face and initiate metal corrosion. Using the high-quality heat carrier in system, it is possible to prolong the operational term of radiators.

Other problem is electrochemical reactions which happen at connection of radiators with copper parts owing to what material promptly falls and becomes unsuitable in further application. At insufficient inhaling between section joints in system there can be leak.

It is necessary to install air bleeders for sinking of the gathering air in system and the best heating of radiators. The lack of this device can lead to rupture of sections.

Bimetallic batteries

In production of such batteries combine two types of material - stainless steel or copper and silvery metal. The design of heat exchangers consists of iron pipe which is in aluminum segment. These batteries optimal variant for long-distance heating because the circulating liquid does not influence condition of steel pipe. Stainless steel high-strength swore, and he will be able to bear hydraulic shocks and design pressure in heating system. Also batteries not to be afraid of corrosion.

Bimetallic batteries heat up at short notice and also have high thermal conductivity. They perfectly are suitable for multi-storey buildings. However the cost of such heating appliances is much more radiators from aluminum, but this difference is compensated by their reliability and bigger term of operation.

Bimetallic batteries suffer from other more essential shortcomings. The internal pipe of this radiator has small section. It does not matter if installation no more than 10 segments is planned.

At bigger quantity the extreme sections will remain cold. To exclude this problem, use the diagonal scheme of connection of batteries. The main minus of bimetallic radiators – different coefficient at which there is expansion of steel and aluminum. At long operation the scratch is heard and durability decreases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team