What role is carried out by moldings in interior

What role is carried out by moldings in interior

Moldings usually play role of ceiling eaves and plinths in interior. These decorative elements are so universal that can carry out several tasks at once. The main thing is to pick up and place moldings competently.


1. Ceiling moldings establish so that they closed connections and masked roughnesses. In addition, these decorative elements are designed to hide transitions between different color and stylistic zones. In this case moldings act in interior as binding element.

2. Moldings with stucco molding allow to achieve effect of solemnity therefore they are widely used in richly decorated interiors. Such decorative elements are especially often applied during creation of empire interiors.

3. Functionality of moldings is not limited to interior decor. Very often these products are used as protection of walls or ceilings against negative impact of external factors. For example, sometimes fragments of walls make out by means of decorative moldings which do not allow furniture to touch surface of wall-paper.

4. Moldings for walls and ceilings can be made of various materials, such as plastic, tree or plaster. Exclusive models are made of metal, glass and even genuine leather. Such moldings, are generally made to order, and cost very much.

5. Plastic moldings are the most budgetary option. At the low cost they have the mass of advantages. Such products are not afraid of moisture therefore they can be used for finishing and bathrooms and kitchens. Besides plastic moldings are very practical. These products are not afraid of influence of means of household chemicals and do not demand special leaving.

6. Moldings with stucco molding from plaster allow to realize the most various ideas. For example, if you wish to issue interior according to own sketch, with use of original moldings, you can order them in workshop. Plaster is that material from which it is possible to cast even the most small parts therefore decorative elements from plaster often differ in unusual design.

7. Recently moldings from polyurethane which also as plaster products, are cast in special forms enjoy special popularity. Advantage of polyurethane products before plaster that the first are not subject to cracking and yellowing.

8. Moldings from tree are often used at registration of interiors in classic style. Such decorative elements look nobly and expensively. The price of wooden moldings directly depends on wood grade of which they are made.

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