What seeds can be planted in greenhouses

What seeds can be planted in greenhouses

In greenhouses it is possible to grow up in the bezrassadny way (landing of seeds directly in soil) some vegetable and green cultures. Crops of seeds to the greenhouse will accelerate emergence of harvest for two-three weeks, in comparison with the open ground.

It is required to you

  • - seeds of vegetable cultures and greens;
  • - greenhouse;
  • - soil;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - garden stock.


1. It is possible to sow to the greenhouse seeds of cucumbers. The way has to be paved for crops in advance. Cucumbers very much love organic fertilizers, but it is necessary to bring them not before crops, and since fall. Also in the fall the greenhouse has to be disinfected and prepared for cultivation of new culture. Seeds of cucumbers can be sowed to the greenhouse at the beginning of April. Previously they need to be wetted and couched. And to spill the soil in the greenhouse hot solution of potassium permanganate. Then holes – 4 by one m² become – and in each hole seeds of cucumbers on two pieces land. The weak plant then will need to be removed.

2. Seeds of tomatoes can be seeded directly in hothouse soil too. It is better to choose tall hybrids for this purpose. Seeds before crops process potassium permanganate within 20 minutes, then wash out and ret in nitrophoska (1 tsp on water liter) for 12 hours. Solution with seeds needs to be put on the battery that it was constantly with the temperature not less than +24 °C. After that seeds temper within a day in the fridge and at once sow to the greenhouse. It becomes at the end of April - the beginning of May when the soil gets warm up to +15 °C. The way has to be paved in advance. Tomatoes need not only organic chemistry, but also other elements therefore to the soil for crops of seeds it is necessary to close up complex of minerals of the prolonged action. Tomatoes sow 60х60 cm according to the scheme.

3. Also seeds it is possible to sow squash, bush pumpkins, watermelons, melons to the greenhouse. Seeds at these cultures large therefore they need obligatory preliminary soaking and prorashchivaniye. Seeding time – the end of April for squash and bush pumpkins, May – for melon watermelon and melon. These cultures need big space and the area of power supply not less than one square meter.

4. To the greenhouse it is possible to seed seeds of beet, carrots, cabbage white, color and broccoli. It becomes in April-May too. It is good to sow to the greenhouse garden radish, salads and green cultures, such as fennel, basil, spinach, onions on feather. It can be done at the end of March. You receive fresh vitamin greens to table much earlier, than at crops on open bed. And when the space after gathering greens, salads and early garden radish in the greenhouse will be released, it is possible to sow in it other cultures, for example, flowers. It is good to Toeplitz to use for cultivation of flower perennials on seedling.

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