What seeds put the first

What seeds put the first

Many gardeners cannot wait for spring as soon as the sun begins to warm, go to the sites. Here they plant seeds of various cultures. What of them can be lowered to the earth in April?

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - soil;
  • - water.


1. Very first plant on kitchen garden cabbage seeds on seedling. It can be done also on even frozen earth. In the middle of April choose the small site on the height. Water it with bucket of boiled water and in 5 minutes cover with cellophane.

2. It is good if you have dug up this bed since fall. Then in the spring you will need to porykhlit slightly the earth spilled before by boiled water and to plant to it cabbage seeds. Cover them with layer in 1.5 cm of peat or other easy soil and cover with film.

3. As soon as there are shoots, cover them with nonwoven fabric of type of spunbond, lutrasit or put small arches and throw them with film. In month replace seedling from this mini-hotbed to the constant place.

4. In the same way you can receive early seedling of asters. Therefore seeds of asters sow some of the first on kitchen garden too.

5. But these plants surely need shelters in the form of film, nonwoven fabric. There are cultures which sow early too, but they do not demand additional warming. Without shelters the first plant seeds of green cultures.

6. Fennel allows to receive harvest in 3-4 weeks after crops. Surely allocate bed under greens and put this spicy culture. It ascends quickly – in 3-5 days there are sprouts that cannot be told about carrots.

7. Its seeds are rich with essential oils which prevent to ascend quickly to this vitamin vegetable. Wash out them in several waters, dry to flowability and seed on bed in the 20th of April. The popular wisdom saying about the one who will plant in dirt will be the prince, completely is suitable both for carrots, and for parsley. That does not hurry to sprout too. Its seeds can lie in bed and 2 weeks, without sprouting. Therefore if you want to receive harvest of carrots, parsley as soon as possible, put these cultures some of the first on kitchen garden.

8. There is enough house sowing works too. Put on culture seedling, the vegetations having the long period. Very first sow houses celery. Gardeners are engaged in it in the middle end of January. That boring was strong, dosvechivayta shoots in the evening and in the morning, as well as seedling of tomatoes.

9. Seeds of tomatoes can be sowed early too – at the end of January beginning of February. Finishes honourable Trinity of champions on early terms of landing pepper. Do not forget to begin to couch its seeds at the end of January or in the first of February.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team