What siderata to seed on the kitchen garden in the fall

What siderata to seed on the kitchen garden in the fall

Sideratami is called by plants which are grown up for the purpose of their subsequent seal to the soil for improvement of its structure, enrichment with microelements and oppression of growth of weeds. Siderata it is necessary to close up to the soil prior to blossoming or right after it. They are called still green fertilizers.

Plants - siderat is known much: lupine, mustard, haricot, peas, lentil, oats, rye and so on. But how to choose among them optimal variant?

First of all, it is necessary to be defined: for what purpose you want to plant these plants on the site.

If you want to stop diseases of other plants and to fight with insects wreckers, then mustard, oats and lupine approach. They emit special substances – alkaloids which revitalize the soil for 5-6 years. After siderata gain sufficient strength, mow them and close up to the earth or cover with them all surface of the soil. They decay and enrich it.

If on your site the soil contains nitrogen insufficiently, then plant oats together with Vika, and at lack of phosphorus – lupine.

Mustard perfectly attracts the pollinating insects, protects kitchen garden from the wireworm and suppresses growth of weeds. On the place of mustard it is possible to plant onions or potatoes in the spring.

On sites which long were not cultivated or having the stamped soil it is better to plant radish olive. Its powerful root system perfectly loosens the soil and does not allow to breed to nematodes. But after it it is impossible to plant cabbage, garden radish or spinach.

If on your site of the soil sour, heavy or poor on the maintenance of useful microelements, then safely plant buckwheat. It will significantly increase the level of fertility of the soil and will enrich it with phosphorus and potassium. Oats and rye saturate the soil with organic matter and nitrogen.

In various areas of our area it is necessary to put different types of siderat. For midland mustard, lupine, the tributary and clover, are ideal for the southern areas – peas and Vika.

If to know structure of the soil on the personal plot and to notice what microelements are not enough for plants, then it is possible to choose correctly any given siderat which will give the greatest positive effect for future harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team