What species of moss best of all grows on stones

What species of moss best of all grows on stones

The moss can grow in various conditions and places – houses, on trees, in garden, on stones. The moss has rich structure and does not possess any famous wreckers or diseases. Besides it is unpretentious. Many people grow up moss on stones on the site independently.

What moss it is the best of all to pick up for cultivation on stones

It is pleasant to some people how the stones covered with moss look on their site. People even grow up moss independently. In the best way on stones such moss as Lunulariya, Astilba, Sfagna, the Dicenter, Geykher, Kupena and Khosta is suitable for cultivation. Not worse the Javanese, Listostebelny and Bokoplodny mosses grow on stones at all. All these species of moss grow in different conditions. Some species of plant love shadow, and others prefer solar places. But these species of moss are united by one - all of them perfectly grow on beds and stones. Among other types the moss the Sphagnum enjoys the greatest popularity. It is easy to get it in the forest and to put at home. However it is possible to take any moss. To grow up it on Cannes, it is necessary to add to oh kefir and sugar. Then such mix has to stand seven hours then it is poured out on stones. That the moss in stone has taken roots, it is necessary to fill in well for three weeks it with water. Besides, it is possible to buy moss in flower shop. Then he should be put accurately near stone. After a while the plant will absorb stone. It is also possible to put Sedum who reminds moss. It looks on stones very attractively.

Moss on stone as element of scenery of the garden site

In garden sites the architectural elements of scenery which are beautifully covered with moss very often meet. Very often garden sculptures are decorated by moss. Such elements can be covered with moss both entirely, and only in some certain areas. Usually the moss is used in design of garden in retro style. The moss in this case helps to give to sculptures type of old times. Also naturally the moss looks in the Japanese garden. In modern landscapes the mosses soften geometrical rough invoices of concrete elements. Quite often the moss is applied to appeal of type of stone garden paths. Use this method not only in traditional, but also in modern landscape.

How to grow up moss on stone

Stone are also concrete, brick surfaces and potter's ceramics. To grow up moss on such basis, it is better to scrape off material from mossy stones. Though it is possible to use also dry natural moss. Best of all the moss takes root on porous stones or surfaces of the rough invoice. For this purpose make pastelike mix according to the recipe which will require two glasses of kefir or natural yogurt and about one and a half glass of the crushed moss. These components need to be mixed. As a result the consistence of mix has to resemble cream. Mix is applied on such areas of stone where the moss will have to grow. For this purpose mix is smeared on stone hand or soft brush. Speed of development of moss on surface of stone can be different. But approximately in six weeks it will be precisely visible – the moss on stone has taken root or not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team