What sprayer to choose?

What sprayer to choose?

With arrival of spring when snow begins to descend, the plants waken from long winter dream. During this period the gardeners are accepted to processing of garden by various means, providing to plants protection and additional power supply. The best means for holding similar procedures is the sprayer.

Models of sprayers differ on volumes, designs and materials of which they are made. There are also some differences in usability, for example, absence or availability of measured scale, wide jellied mouth, additional nozzles and other. It is necessary to buy sprayer model, proceeding from what volume of work should be made.

Sprayers of small volume

Owners of small seasonal dachas with the minimum number of low landings should pay attention to the household sprayer with the flask volume which is not exceeding two liters. Most of them have trigger head, that is the working part which is screwing on on any bottle from plastic. During spraying it is necessary to press the lever for creation of pressure in flask all the time. The price of the tool of this type is minimum, however large volumes of works will appear to it it can do.

During the work with sprayers do not forget about use of personal protection equipment and try to choose windless weather for this occupation.

Sprayers with the pump

For spraying of plants by means of the tool it is easier to work with the pump and hermetic flask in garden as pressure in flask, unlike the previous devices, is created by means of pumping of the pump before work. Having come to nozzle, solution is well sprayed in the right place and as soon as pressure falls, it is forced the pump for further work again.

Sprayers up to 2.5 l are suitable for processing of small amount of the plants which are not exceeding human growth. Their minus is the short nose, and during the work the cloud of drops is close to the person. When spraying toxic agents use of such sprayer is not safe. Products of 5-12 l as a rule are completed with telescopic bar or hose from 1 to 3 m long and shoulder strap. Also sprayers have safety valve for dumping of excessive pressure in flask. The product of this kind is most widespread among gardeners, with its help it is possible to process high bushes and trees.

The manpack sprayers

The volume of the manpack devices nicknamed so for the fact that they are carried behind shoulders can reach 20 l. On the tank of such sprayer the lever connected with the pump is located.

Choosing the manpack sprayer, it is important not to overestimate the forces, behind shoulders it is necessary to carry the capacity weighing 16-25 kg.

It needs to be pumped up periodically, forcing necessary pressure in capacity. Such units should be bought those gardeners to whom processing of large gardens with high trees is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team