What strawberry fructifies all the year round

What strawberry fructifies all the year round

All grades of strawberry can be carried to two big groups – fructifying once during the season and yielding several harvest throughout all season. These are remontant grades which blossom during the period from spring to fall and fructify to the frosts.

Remontant grades of strawberry well grow not only in areas with warm climate. They can be grown up in Moscow area, in the Urals and even in Siberia. They do not cease to fructify even after the come frosts.

Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II is large-fruited and well transportable grade of garden strawberry which yields three harvest a year. The first ripens in June, the second – in July, the third – by the end of August. At favorable weather patterns it is possible to receive one more crop which is reaped up to October. Berries of attractive exterior, with dense pulp of saturated red color. The fruits ripening in the fall not such tasty and fragrant, as summer. At this grade the fruits begin to ripen at the end of May due to forming of buds in early-spring time. Thus, the vegetation period at plant is not less than eight months.


One more year-round grade – Gigantella. In its cultivation there are features – this grade does not transfer lack of moisture and gives high productivity only at regular waterings. It is good to grow up Gigantella in greenhouses where it is simpler to support necessary microclimate and high humidity. Large bushes, powerful, grow in height more than 35 centimeters. Berries very large, just huge, the correct form, with the acting seeds, sweet. The first berries can have weighing 80-100 g and 9 centimeters diameter. On terms of fructification it is May-October too.


The grade of Albion strawberry is ideal for the protected soil. The vegetation period – 9 months. At the end of May the fruits begin to ripen. Harvests – until the end of October. Peg-shaped berries, brilliant, color dark red. Taste and aroma very saturated. This grade is considered the best as has flavoring connections twice bigger, than other grades. Besides it is especially resistant to wreckers and diseases.


The year-round grade of Selva strawberry is considered the most profitable. It is the most prolific, by quantity of harvests and number of berries exceeds all other grades. It is drought-resistant. Is suitable both for greenhouses, and for the open ground. Has bright red berries up to 45 g. This grade can be left for a long time unguarded as the abundance of foliage suppresses weeds, and the drought resistance helps to do without frequent waterings. But on the tastes "Selva" concedes to other year-round grades a little.

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