What the beginning gardener needs to know

What the beginning gardener needs to know

The beginning gardeners by inexperience can do mistakes which will cause irreparable troubles subsequently. That it has not occurred, it is better to tell about them in advance. Let's understand as it is correct to conduct works on kitchen garden.


1. To receive good harvests of vegetable, do not land one culture constantly on one place. The close neighbourhood of plants, from one family, can provoke infection with certain disease. Such cultures as turnip, the cabbage, garden radishes planted on one bed get sick with Kyla.

2. Watering of planting stock liquid fertilizer on the dry soil can burn roots. Therefore, it is previously necessary to impregnate the soil with water.

3. It is possible to grow up seedling only in freshly cooked soil mix. Thus, the gardener will secure the landings against diseases. Buying seedling, it is better to consider carefully plants not to bring wreckers on the kitchen garden. Not always processing of plants insecticides can kill parasites for 100%.

4. You should not carry out fertilizing of plants in cold days, nutrients come to this period to roots worse. Favorable temperature of the soil for many vegetables, is considered higher than 10 degrees.

5. It is necessary to fertilize mineral substances only at the roots. At hit of solution on leaves, wash away it clear water. Fertilizers should be used strictly according to the instruction. Especially dangerously overdose of nitrogen fertilizers of ammonium forms. They reduce storage time of vegetables, at the same time the susceptibility to formation of bacteria increases. The soil with the excess content of such fertilizer reduces the phytostate.

6. It is very important not to allow interruption of providing moisture to such cultures as pepper and cauliflower, even during the seedling period. Short-term dehumidification of the soil can ruin harvest.

7. Tomatoes actively get ovary, but only at good pollination. Therefore, easy stirring of bushes in the mornings or prikasaniye Q-tips to flowers, good incentive for future harvest.

8. Having watered with cold water, especially thermophilic cultures, leads to diseases of root system of plants.

9. Following not difficult rules, any gardener, will have satisfaction from own work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team