What to begin revival of the started seasonal dacha with

What to begin revival of the started seasonal dacha with

To the old seasonal dacha it is possible to inhale new life. Get rid of weeds in garden, cut off and whitewash trees, bring order. After that it is possible to think of the device of the vacation spot.

Trees and bushes

Before works draw up the approximate action plan. If in the territory of giving there are fruit-trees and bushes, you should not get rid of them at once. Examine them attentively. Healthy leave as is, try to cure trees with minor defects. File dry branches, clean trees from dirt and web.

After cutting of trees it is necessary to take care of their power supply. First of all it is necessary to loosen the soil at the basis that air freely came to the earth. After that trees need to be watered well, and in about 2 days it is possible to fertilize the earth the nutritious mix bought in shop.

Fight against weeds

First of all it is necessary to improve the site all overgrown with grass. It is not enough to pull out weeds. Its seeds and roots will remain in the soil, the next year they will begin to grow violently on your seasonal dacha again. That to prevent it, bushes of weeds need to be deleted together with roots and the earth which has stuck to them. It is not so simple: set of prickles complicate work. To keep hands, do not forget to put on dense gloves. All dry trees which are available in the territory of country to the site need to be cut, and to root out stumps. They not only spoil exterior of the site, but also disturb in garden works, besides, children can be wounded, playing under them. After the site is cleared of weeds, it will be necessary to dig over carefully the earth, getting rid of roots which could remain in it. Then it is necessary to work as rake, deleting garbage and leveling surface. After all these works finally to get rid of weeds, it is possible to process the soil special solution. It is better for them to get for your soil, will recommend in specialized shop. In the spring when the earth well gets warm, it will be necessary to dig over the site once again. Then it is necessary to make landings. You can plant fruit and vegetables, flowers or normal lawn grass, seeds it is possible to buy in garden shop. In the future not to bring the seasonal dacha to such state any more, it is recommended to bring order to it not only in the spring, before landing of seeds, but also in the fall, after harvesting.

Fight against rodents

On the seasonal dacha it is necessary to take care also of that rodents and other wreckers did not complicate to you life. For this purpose it is possible to buy ready poison and to put it in places most of frequentation of rodents. There is recipe for independent preparation of bait: to fill in pounded glass, sugar, flour (2:1:1) with small amount of water and, having made pellets of the turned-out mix, to decompose on the site.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team