What to choose paving slabs for giving

What to choose paving slabs for giving

The paving slabs long time were used for paving of roads, have not been forced out by asphalt yet. And only in the nineties the XX centuries the paving slabs became popular again, now it is used not only at arrangement of public roads and sidewalks, but also private garden paths.

The variety of paving slabs presents owners of personal plots with choice: what type of covering to prefer for application in landscaping of the site. Being practical and convenient material, the paving slabs are used for paving of the sites of the yard free from constructions and landings and also for arrangement of garden paths.

Types of paving slabs

Depending on way of production the paving slabs can be vibropressed or vibrocast. The Vibropressovany paving slabs are made by vibropressing method from mix of cement, sand, granite crumb and dye. At such tile rough surface and soft natural color. The Vibropresovanny paving slabs are usually made simple geometrical form (square, rectangle, hexagon). Such tile is capable to take out heavy mechanical loads therefore it is often applied to paving of traffic area. It is made in the industrial way on the special equipment.

For arrangement of garden paths the paving slabs made by vibrocasting method will be optimum. It is made in the manual way. At the paving slabs produced by method of vibrocasting the smooth surface its durability does not concede durability of the vibropressed tile. And here its colors nasyshchenny, and palette not only natural shades. Originally vibrocast paving slabs have light tone thanks to what, it can be painted in any chosen color. Geometrical forms of such tile are much more various than at vibropressed. Thus, using vibrocast tile for garden paths it is possible to choose its various forms and colors which will suit appearance of the house and the general idea of landscaping of the site. The high price can be minus of vibrocast tile. Besides, at operation of this tile during the winter period it is necessary to be careful as at frost it becomes covered by slippery crust of ice.

What to pay attention when choosing paving slabs to?

Whatever paving slabs have been chosen for arrangement of garden paths, getting it it is necessary to pay attention to the following rules of difference of quality material from low-quality. On surface of tile there should not be cracks, chips, bubbles and shcherbin – all this speaks about violation of technology of its production. The ring at blow of tile about tile indicates that it has dried and is ready to laying. All acquired tiled party has to have identical color. Says the fact that even the section of the broken or sawn tile has to be painted about quality of coloring. The seller has to have certificate of quality on the sold material. Correctly chosen, beautiful and strong paving slabs laid on garden paths long will be pleasing to the eye of owners and guests.

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