What to choose pletisty plants for garden

What to choose pletisty plants for garden

For a start, It is necessary to tell that pletisty plants are what gives to garden mystery. The sprouts of clematis which are hanging down from gazebo which appears through the sun do it fantastic and beautiful as if drawn.

Do you remember pictures of the French and English gardens? These arches leaving afar twined roses which have grown with grapes locks. Today we will talk about these wonderful plants capable to give to fabulousness to any garden.

All get the fifth place to the known maiden grapes. It is landed along fences and about gazebos. The plant creates dense green cover the leaves and from far away reminds fur. Very unusually looks during the autumn period when leaves become red and small blue berries to which birds are flown ripen. Unfortunately, these grapes do not possess in magnificent flowers, however perfectly will approach to hide impartial fence or garage.

The fourth place is taken by grapes fruitful. Most often for opleteniye of gazebos choose grade "isabella", it has powerful rod, long escapes, is frost-resistant and besides yields excellent harvest. Perfectly performs the function of protection against the sun, has really big leaves which, by the way, can be used for preparation of dolma.

The third place by right is given to the trudging honeysuckle. The grade of the curling honeysuckle "каприфоль" is quite widespread now. This plant is capable to introduce grace in your garden in the gentle flowers. In language of flowers the honeysuckle designates "dream" and is valid how it is fine to dream, having leaned the elbows about the pergola twined this fine plant. Honeysuckle she is capable to twine all house if to give it enough time and fertilizers, so if to you to paint laziness, then at your service.

On the second place pletisty rose. Why on the second? Perhaps because demands really reverent attitude and permanent care. Nevertheless, pletisty roses are incredibly beautiful! They happen various coloring and forms, collected in brushes or single flowers exhale divine aroma and create the atmosphere of love. Smartly they look on arches and gazebos, it is also possible to plant pletisty rose at fence and to break near it bed in style of country.

The clematis gets the first place. This magnificent liana captivates at first sight! Huge paradise flowers of improbable colourings force to be got to fall in love everyone. They are white, crimson, blue, violet, gentle-pink and even blue. Strikes variety of grades, there are both simple chetyrekhlepestny types, and smart terry. Truly it is possible to call clematis one of the most beautiful lianas in the world.

Summing up the results, one may say, that whatever pletisty plant you have chosen for the garden, it anyway will perfectly look, vyyuna have the special charm. Pletisty plants do not need any special leaving - it is one of advantages of this class that does it even more well.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team