What to cover walls of wooden house from bar from within with

What to cover walls of wooden house from bar from within with

For wooden house the interior finish is closing stage of construction. The most popular types of arrangement can be considered finishing by means of lining, HL, coloring of walls, various styles in finishing from within.

Sometimes it is possible to hear such opinion that the interior of wooden houses from bar does not shine with variety, and the design imagination obviously lacks it. But it – only delusion. The houses built from bar seldom subject to thorough finishing, for this reason they also look equally. The natural type of walls perfectly looks – at each piece of wooden material the structure which perfectly looks.

Houses from tree have again become fashionable, and owners try not only suit the cozy house, but also to keep natural type of material. For this purpose it is possible to choose from several options.

Interior of wooden house

It is necessary to choose interior for wooden house as it is possible more attentively – the success will depend in many respects on the correct selection of finishing materials. With good finishing the house will look and it is original, and is stylish.

If walls are decided to be painted, better to stop the choice on primer, varnishes and paint with water basis. Coverings for walls can be tinting or protective, concerning the price they are quite available.

Qualitatively to paint wooden walls, preliminary work has to be carried out – it is required to carry out grinding, cleaning of walls of pitches and pollution. If from walls objects like nails or screws from metal act, it is necessary to process in addition everything anticorrosive primer. Besides, processing is carried out by antiseptics – from mold, fungus; fire-retarding agent – for protection against ignitions. These means are transparent and will not be able to hide beauty of wood.

Also opaque protective equipment for walls when it is justified by the chosen style can be sometimes used. But more often wooden walls from bar are processed by transparent structures to make naturalness impression.

After the processed walls have dried, coloring is carried out. Usually choose acrylic paints, is more rare – oil. It is possible to varnish walls, transparent or with addition of color. It helps to keep natural structure of tree and if eventually the covering a little is spoiled, it can always be updated.

Finishing of the house from within by means of lining, gypsum cardboard

Happens and so that the surface of walls on state is awful. Then it is possible to execute finishing with use of gypsum cardboard or lining – it not only hides walls, but also will help to remove the communications irritating look and to lay heater under finishing material. From face side it is possible to paint or paste over gypsum cardboard with wall-paper. Lining – the finishing material capable to pass air and to keep indoors heat. For face side it is possible to use varnish coverings.

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