What to do at the dacha in February to receive rich harvest

What to do at the dacha in February to receive rich harvest

It would seem what in February at the dacha absolutely could not be done. So usually beginners think. Experienced gardeners will always find to themselves job on the site even in the most fierce month of winter. On the eve of spring at summer residents and really it is full of important issues on which future harvest sometimes depends.

On the eve of spring find time and visit the seasonal dacha. Examine it and pay attention in what state there are trees whether the blizzard has felled berry bushes and whether has broken hvoynik. It is also important to manage to protect trunks from the sun which in February begins to shine brightly.

Carry out audit

For the last winter month sharp weather changing are characteristic. At this time on depth of roots it is fixed the lowest temperature indicators. First of all stamp snow about trees: for this purpose it is possible just to resemble around trunk. It will allow to destroy the courses of rodents and will not allow them to reach bark. 

If on the site hares have made the way and have managed to pick bark on young fruit-trees, cover large wounds with the garden thief. It will allow to minimize risk of siccation of wood. The same way it is possible to arrive at detection of the broken-off branches. Examine them and if branches still can be spliced, accurately pull together in the place of break by means of rope. And only after that grease the become bare wood with the thief. 

At the end of the month replace trap belts on trunks. Old it is more reasonable to burn. 

At detection on trunks of mosses and lichens you oprysnit them lime mortar. For this purpose mix 500 g of iron or 300 g of copper vitriol, 2, 5 kg of lime and 10 l of water. You carry out spraying at temperature not lower than 5 wasps.

At long thaw that usually happens in the southern regions, gradually remove from shelter bushes – fir twigs, brushwood, straw, etc. Otherwise plants just risk to rot. 

At will at the end of February fertilize the site wood ashes: it is enough to scatter of it directly on snow. In process of thawing it will "tighten" kind of ashes to the earth. The similar way is many times more effective autumn as useful substances will come more evenly to soil. Fast thawing of snow on the site will become bonus that is important for fans of early crops of greens and other cultures. 

The same way bring dolomite powder. Do not forget that some fruit-trees do not transfer sour soils. Therefore you bring dolomite powder not annually, and in year. 

Protect from the sun

February is famous not only severe frosts, but also frequent thaw: spring nevertheless not far off. And thaw for trees it is much worse than frosts. In February the sun already well burns therefore it can heat bark to burns or emergence of frost cracks. Choose as relative warm day (air temperature should not fall lower than 5 wasps) and go to the dacha to whitewash trunks and skeletal branches of trees. 

If to be engaged in whitewashing laziness or not time, act simpler – put small plates from South side of trunks or cover with burlap. 

Low hvoynik powder with snow. It will protect them from sunshine. 

After heavy snowfalls accurately shake off trees snow. Under its weight the branches can break off. 

Plan cutting

Make the plan of future cutting of fruit-trees. For this purpose examine them, having noted features of growth. Do not forget that after rich harvest hold off cutting. Let's trees have a rest and gain strength. 

The growing old copies need the annual rejuvenating cutting. It concerns not only trees, but also bushes. Thin out internal part of their krone that the harvest has not gone down. Without pity delete weak and old branches that they did not pull on themselves power supply how much in vain. Without cutting the fruits will become shallow.  

Prepare shanks

February – optimum time for cutting of shanks for spring inoculation. Choose well strengthened copies. Ideal option – one-year escapes by thickness about pencil and about 50 cm long. The best copies, as a rule, are from South side of tree. Long branches from internal part of krone it is normal more weakly, and it is better not to take them for inoculation. They many times are worse stored and badly take root.Connect shanks in bunches and accompany with labels. Place them in damp sand or sawdust on third of length. You store in the cool place, for example in the basement. Shanks are admissible to be contained also in the fridge. For this purpose place them in plastic bag or plastic bottle. Only you store shanks in the fridge short time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team