What to do from the remains of wall-paper

What to do from the remains of wall-paper

Very often after repair there are pieces of wall-paper. Now design and quality of wall-paper so remarkable that it would not be desirable to allow them to become dusty in the storeroom. There are several ideas on use of this original material for use in design of your apartment.

It is required to you

  • Pieces of wall-paper
  • Dense cardboard
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Wooden framework


1. We use pieces of wall-paper for creation of ""pictures"". We cut out from rigid cardboard basis under pictures. By the cardboard size - wall-paper. We paste them to basis. On perimeter we paste wooden frame, accurately we paint over it at color necessary to you, protecting wall-paper painting adhesive tape.

2. We do gift boxes by means of wall-paper. We take box from under footwear (or we put from dense paper) and we paste from above flower or geometrical motive which was on wall-paper. By the same principle it is possible to make one or several containers for things. Especially well they look in the children's room. Besides, it is possible to paste over with wall-paper plastic cylindrical containers for needlework storage.

3. If there is a lot of scraps of wall-paper, and different, it is possible to use them for production of picture rug in patchwork style (scrappy equipment). On dense cardboard multi-colored squares randomly are pasted, imitating scrappy blanket. Then such ""blanket"" is attached on wall. Looks it is fresh and it is original.

4. It is possible to paste over with wall-paper glass in the doorway, the dial on hours. It is possible to cut out from wall-paper on cliche animal figure, tree, flower and to paste as applique in the nursery.

5. It is also possible to make of wall-paper headboard at bed, using in addition dense cardboard and plastic frames or plinth. Besides, it is possible to update furniture, having smoothed out it, and having pasted over walls from within or outside.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team