What to do that garlic did not turn yellow: national ways

What to do that garlic did not turn yellow: national ways

Garlic – vegetable which is planted by many gardeners. This plant is also favourite seasoning to many dishes, and cold medicine. However, helping human health, garlic itself also sometimes is ill. There is natural question: why garlic turns yellow what to do to keep harvest.

Roots of garlic can be struck with bacterial decay, fungal diseases. That garlic did not turn yellow for this reason, seeds for disinfection before landing should be soaked within 20 minutes in weak solution of potassium permanganate or to use for this purpose medicines Fitosporin, Maxim. Besides, it is necessary to observe crop rotation. The fresh manure used for fertilizing can be source of diseases of winter garlic.

False mealy dew strikes garlic leaves, on them pale spots, then gray raid appear. As a result leaves of garlic turn yellow and die off, and the infection gets into heads and safely winters. It is possible to defeat this disease if and before bookmark on storage it is good to warm up garlic before landing.

Garlic loves the neutral soil therefore before landing it is necessary to bring ashes or to carry out lime application for reduction of acidity. The lack of nitrogen can be filled by means of urea or nitrogenous fertilizers.

Yellow color of leaves at garlic can be consequence of non-compliance with terms of landing. That garlic did not turn yellow, winter grades need to be put during the period from the middle of September prior to the beginning of October. In this case sprouts will not manage to arise to the first frosts, and the planting stock will perfectly winter in the earth.

If spring frosts have taken winter garlic, then it needs to be processed Epin's solution, Zircon, NV-101. It will prevent emergence of yellowness on tips of leaves.

Despite pungent smell, the onions fly with pleasure eats garlic. Because of this wrecker the plant turns yellow and perishes. That garlic did not turn yellow, it is necessary to use folk remedy: to strew bed with mix from tobacco dust and wood ashes. In fight against onions fly carrots will greatly help if to put her in the neighbourhood. The duet of smells will frighten off the wrecker.

If on the site there is well, ice water will help to overcome wreckers. It is necessary to water with it bed or to lay out ice around plant.

Timely fertilizing by sulfate of potassium will help leaves to keep healthy look. For this purpose it is necessary to loosen bed, to put complex mineral fertilizer or urea in superficial grooves. Then to cover granules with earth, it is good to water and zamulchirovat compost or the dry earth that moisture remained in the soil as long as possible.

That garlic did not turn yellow, it is possible to spray it with weak solution of ammonia solution (5 tablespoons on water bucket).

The wrong mode of watering can also become the reason why garlic turns yellow. If the plant lacks moisture, it begins to wither and turn yellow. That garlic did not turn yellow, it is necessary to adjust watering frequency. It will be useful to loosen the soil around each head, then roots will receive necessary amount of air and moisture. However it is not necessary to water in the early spring garlic as in the earth there is a lot of moisture at the expense of the thawed snow.

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