What to do that onions did not turn yellow

What to do that onions did not turn yellow

If there is kitchen garden, then on kitchen garden there are almost always onions. In the summer all eat green onions feathers with pleasure, and for the winter reserve onions. If onions began to turn yellow at the end of summer, then this quite normal phenomenon meaning vegetable maturity, and here if onions feather turns yellow in the spring or at the beginning of summer, then it is already anomaly.

It is required to you

  • - the fertilizers containing nitrogen
  • - medicines for fight against onions fly
  • - table salt


1. Often yellowing of onions is connected with the shortage of nitrogen in the soil on which it is grown up. It happens if the soil dries up, or on the contrary, in case of steady rains when nitrogen goes deeply to the soil. If the reason is in it, then it is necessary to introduce nitrogenous fertilizers, such as saltpeter, ammonium sulfate. And it is possible to water onions with infusion of manure or urea.

2. The insect wrecker onions fly can become the reason that onions turn yellow. Larvae of this fly are in bulb and dilute it. It is simple to find this misfortune. It is necessary just to cut bulb in half if larvae are, then them it is visible at once. In avoidance of appearance of onions fly the thicket needs to change the place of landing of onions, to land it near carrots, to fertilize onions salt solution. It is possible to frighten off onions fly if to scatter tobacco or tobacco dust between beds. It is also possible to buy medicines for fight against fly.

3. Often onions turn yellow because of the wrong watering. It is impossible to fill in it as the plant will begin to rot, but also it is not recommended to overdry it too. The most optimal variant of watering of onions is watering abundant, but infrequent.

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