What to do that onions did not turn yellow: folk remedies

What to do that onions did not turn yellow: folk remedies

Every summer many gardeners who are especially beginning ask question: why onions turn yellow what to do to correct situation. That onions did not turn yellow, it is necessary to learn the reason, only then it is possible to take measures and to save harvest.

The first reason – onions skrytnokhobotnik. These wreckers winter in the soil or in onions which for any reason were removed. Adult bugs eat onions feathers through, it begins to dry, and around the formed openings white spots appear. Larvae of the wrecker eat away the longitudinal paths in feathers reminding white strips. Then tips at plumelets begin to turn yellow, feathers are twisted and dry up. That onions did not turn yellow, it is necessary to loosen constantly and carefully bed, adding at the same time mustard powder, ground black or red pepper, wood ashes. The remains of onions should be liquidated. You should not forget about crop rotation – the onions ridge needs to be moved annually to other place, it is desirable far away from previous. The turned yellow feathers need to be cut off, having left 4 centimeters.

The second reason why onions – onions fly turn yellow. Onions infected with larvae of this wrecker early turn yellow and fade. Not only the feather, but also bulbs suffers from onions fly. They begin to decay, with ease are pulled out from the soil. That onions did not turn yellow because of onions fly, it is deeply necessary to dig up bed, to make crops as soon as possible, in time to delete already infected plants. For onions carrots will be good neighbor. These cultures will help to frighten off each other the smells wreckers. Folk remedies of fight from yellowing of onions feather – tobacco or tobacco dust, ashes. Them the onions bed falls down. Besides, each three weeks can be watered onions with salt water (200 grams of salt on water bucket). To carry out watering carefully, strictly under bulb. The first time it is possible to use salt water when the feather has grown to 5 centimeters. After harvesting the bed should be cleaned carefully from the onions remains.

The third reason – deficiency of nitrogen. After long precipitation together with rain water the nitrogen compounds go deeply to the soil and become inaccessible to onions roots. That onions did not turn yellow, in this case fertilizing by nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium sulfate, saltpeter) or manure infusion is necessary.

That onions did not turn yellow, it is necessary to organize the correct watering. From large amount of moisture onions begin to decay therefore it is necessary to water bed with onions seldom, but are abundant.

Onions, as well as all vegetable cultures, unfortunately are subject to diseases. It is bacterial decay, rust, collum decay. These fungal diseases are followed by yellowing and the subsequent death of plant. That onions did not turn yellow as a result of diseases, it is necessary to use only absolutely healthy sowing material which before landing is recommended to be warmed up within 10 hours at temperature of 40 °C. Previously to process the soil the medicine "Hom" (40 grams on water bucket).

At the end of July, onions ripen and naturally the onions feather turns yellow. At this time it is not necessary to water it. The reaped crop should be touched, dried up and provided the correct storage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team