What to do when cherry is ill

What to do when cherry is ill

Recently such dangerous disease as monilioz became scourge of cherry plantings. It literally ""mows"" gardens across all territory of the Central Russia. In total in week as though someone scalds externally healthy blossoming plants boiled water - leaves droop, flowers grow brown, without giving ovaries. Soon after that cherry represents sad show where instead of live tree - similarity of the burned skeleton with the dried-up leaves and berries. How to help tree?

  • - urea (carbamide) - mineral fertilizer
  • - double superphosphate and sulfate potassium
  • - fungicides to ""Chorus"", ""Is fast"", ""Topaz"", copper vitriol
  • - insecticide Aktara (or Fufanon)
  • - secateurs, hacksaw
  • - Pharmayod or 5% solution of copper vitriol
  • - Rannet or ""Live bark"" - medicines for processing of the place of saw cut of branches
  • - garden whitewashing

1. At the end of March (on the sleeping kidneys) to process trees of stone cultures of 5-7% solution of urea (carbamide). For this purpose dissolve 500-700 g of fertilizer in 10 l of water. To spray carefully krone, trunk and pristvolny circle at each tree. In such high concentration urea acts not only as fertilizer, but also as very effective fungicide.

2. In the phase ""green cone"" (kidneys have only just arisen) spray trees with solution of the medicine Horus.

3. In the phase ""pink bud"" (before blossoming) or even in phase of blossoming spray tree with solution of medicine ""Is fast"". Fungicides do not harm insects pollinators therefore it is possible to use bravely this effective medicine directly on flowers.

4. In 10 days after blossoming to spray cherry with tank mix from 3 medicines: ""Topaz"", Aktara and ""Bud"". To add medicines according to the instruction (at the rate of everyone on 10 l of water) to 1 liter of water, to stir and bring to 10 liters, stirring slowly. ""Topaz"" - fungicide from monilioz, Aktara - insecticide from the insects wreckers weakening cherry, ""Bud"" - stimulator for the best plodoobrazovaniye.

5. At emergence of the slightest signs of monilioz - redtop of flowers, obvisaniya of leaves, - at once it is necessary to remove sick branch, having taken 15 cm healthy part of escape. All affected areas of branches need to be burned. To disinfect the tool after work with problem tree Pharmayoda solutions or copper vitriol (1% and 3% respectively) not to transfer infection to healthy plants.

6. In July - August (after harvesting) it is necessary to thin out krone at cherries to give it the chance well to be aired and be lit with the sun. It is necessary to remove old boughs, to cut the infilling young escapes. It is necessary to dry cuts day and to process Rannety or ""Living Cora"".

7. At the end of August - the beginning of September to introduce in pristvolny circle of fertilizer, plants increasing immunity and increasing resistance to stresses - 300 g of double superphosphate and 150 g of sulfate potassium (not chloride!) on one adult tree. On 2-3-year cherry respectively 30 and 15 g.

8. After subsidence of foliage to collect it from under tree and to burn, destroy also all mummified fruits. In October to spray trees of 3% with solution of copper vitriol (300 g on 10 l of water).

9. At the end of November in dry weather surely whitewash cherry trunks on height of own growth and also fork of skeletal branches from above - it will save trees from frost cracks, kamedetecheniye and penetrations of infection into fabric of plants. At need update whitewashing at the end of February beginning of March.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team