What to do with scraps of boards? Beauty!

What to do with scraps of boards? Beauty!

What to do with heap of rails and scraps of wood? It is possible, of course, in the oven, and it is possible to process and create beautiful and useful thing. For example, floor lamp in kumiko style.

In the course of work with boards at any joiner scraps collect. These are any bars, rails, scraps of boards. All of them different length and thickness. It is possible to think up also to them application, but a lot of imagination and work on adjustment of ill-matched parts for this purpose will be required. As a result many scraps and sawdust turn out, and the result can not always please.

But there is one interesting way of waste processing. They can be turned into fillet. With a section 10 at 10 mm.

Presently from wooden fillet, per se, have already refused. Plastic windows have forced out wooden, so and rails for glasses not in the course any more. However there is also one more interesting application for rails. It is called Kumiko.

Kumiko is ancient Japanese art of work with tree. All of us know that in Japan there is not much tree. And each board had to be used to the maximum. At construction of houses the light partitions fitted by fabric or paper were used. Such partitions are called to "syodza".

Over time on partitions began to appear drawings. They were taken manually from thin rails. Turned into flowers and cranes. And it has already turned into true art – Kumiko.

Now true masters of art "кумико" units. This very laborious and labor-consuming art. Accuracy of adjustment reaches the 100-th millimeter.

But you can use some elements of this equipment and create something beautiful. For example, it is possible to make small lamp.

For its production you need many dry and identical rails. They have to be processed on surface gage. It is the best of all to do all party at once, then all rails will be identical.

On the Internet there are many pictures and schemes of connection of rails among themselves. It is necessary to begin with simple elements. The attempt at the first stage will be possible to make several thousands of identical, small parts hardly from the first.

To work with rails the electric tool it is problematic. They break and burst. Therefore all work is performed manually. Knives, files with small tooth. For example - cloth on metal.

It is very important to observe identity of all parts. Otherwise the drawing will not meet. For this purpose it makes sense to make templates and cliches. It much more will facilitate your work. It is better to spend time for production of qualitative template, than to throw out all party of low-quality parts. Templates become under each party of rails.

It is possible to type the drawing and upon. To create framework from rails and to fill it with separate elements. Creative and fascinating process. At such approach at you really unique thing will turn out. It is possible to experiment with the sizes and coloring of rails.

Work is very laborious so you should not expect fast result. It is necessary to have patience. But the result will meet all your expectations. The best of luck.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team