What to feed with pigs that they quickly gained weight

What to feed with pigs that they quickly gained weight

Buying meat in shop or in the market, it is impossible to be sure for 100% of its quality. What a difference the, home-made pork! There is nothing difficult in growing up independently pig. That he quickly gained weight, only and it is necessary to feed correctly him and to keep clean.

As it is correct to feed pigs during growing

As a rule, on sagination buy one and a half-two-month pigs. The eight-week pig has to weigh 15-20 kg, there is dry feed, damp bourgeoises and boiled root crops. In seven-eight months the pig has to grow up up to 100-120 kg, respectively, meat exit – 70-90 kg. Porosyatok, it is desirable, to get couple or more, they grow in group much better. 

It is possible to achieve excellent additional weights under favorable conditions for contents and good food reserve. From two to four months the pigs intensively gain muscle bulk, during this period the correct reserve is important for further rapid growth. So with what to feed pigs at this time?

Power supply has to be balanced, dietary supplements and premixes for pigs are welcomed. Dairy products are obligatory in diet: whole milk, skim milk, curdled milk. It is possible to replace natural dairy products with dry mixes: lactose, powdered milk or serum, fidoluxy (vitamin and mineral additive).

Has to form the basis of diet of two-three monthly pigs compound feed – in it there are all necessary nutrients capable to provide the active growth of muscle bulk. Compound feed costs much to save, it is possible to replace one part of product with the bourgeois from waste from table, boiled vegetables (pumpkin, squash, potatoes, fodder beet) and shredded grain (peas, wheat, barley). Such proportions: one part of grain, two parts of root crops.

How many times a day to feed pigs – not essentially, but after all thrice feeding is more preferable. The portion has to be such that everything was eaten – the trough to the following feeding has to be clean. If the forage is eaten not all, reduce portion.

Approximate scheme of feeding: to trouble the necessary amount of compound feed in the morning, to add porridge from hogged chips and vegetables. During the lunchtime dairy product, on two pigs is enough three liters. If whole milk to dilute with water. There it is possible to break two-three eggs, to add spoon of sugar and tea spoon of salt, it is a little hogged chips. To give dry mix from compound feed and shredded grain in the evening. In the summer the grass will be good additive to diet. 

What to feed pigs on sagination with

Gradually to reduce portions of compound feed and milk, by four months completely to pass to grain, cake, boiled vegetables and house waste. Since four months to face there is sagination period, the pig gains weight. She should be held in close cage, to reduce time of walks.

It is clear, that in process of growth of pigs portions of forage increase. The five-months pig has to receive not less than 5-6 kg of damp forage or 1.5-2 kg of dry zernosmesa for one feeding. The adult pigs who have reached 70 kg on one head a day are given 5 kg of dry feed or 14 kg of the bourgeois. Plus five-ten kilograms of grass a day. 

For stimulation of appetite at pigs it is possible to drozhzhevat forage. To weld root crops, to pour into hot vegetable broth zernosmes, to stir. When porridge cools down up to the temperature of 40-45 degrees, to pour in it in the divorced yeast. On three buckets of porridge to take two spoons of dry yeast. To infuse soup not less than 12 hours.

 Of course, it is impossible to achieve good additional weight without mineral additives. Pigs in cage always have to have trough with chalk or red clay. As additives it is recommended to use meat-and-bone or fish meal, it is rich with amino acids which are necessary for increase in body weight. Day and night there has to be access to clear water. At such contents the pig by eight months will reach lethal weight.

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