What to fill holes when planting seedling of cabbage in beds with

What to fill holes when planting seedling of cabbage in beds with

Cabbage belongs to those vegetable cultures which likes ""to eat"", drink well. Therefore, it is important to treat with attention landing of seedling of cabbage, considering her appetites.

The most correct will be if beds under cultivation of cabbage have been prepared since fall. It means that organic and mineral fertilizers, soil deoxidants loosening components have been introduced. But not all summer residents are able to do it in advance.

So, time has come to plant seedling. The space for landing should be chosen taking into account lighting and that is more important, taking into account predecessors. Do not plant cabbage on cabbage where any cruciferous cultures, beet grew. It is undesirable to carry out landing and on sites where white mustard, colza has been seeded. All of them can leave the pathogenic microorganisms causing various diseases in the soil and will oppress growth of the planted cabbage.

Holes for seedling are made. In each hole put on handful of humus, dolomite powder (limy), on half-glass of ashes, on knife tip fertilizer magbor, and all this mixes up with the soil in hole. Whether to add mineral fertilizer? It is possible to add teaspoon with the hillock of any complex fertilizer where there is nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus. It is possible to be limited only to superphosphate as potassium is in sol, and there is a lot of nitrogen in humus.

Growing up foreign hybrids, it must be kept in mind that mineral fertilizers are more necessary for them.

As for magnesium, calcium, these elements are simply necessary for cabbage. The pine forest is necessary for all species of cabbage, more for color, to broccoli. When there is no in availability of microelements, ashes, it is possible to carry out further fertilizing on leaves by solution of microelements.

After all components are moved, holes water is very abundant, allowing the soil to turn into slush. It is possible to add solution of fitosporin to watering water, trikhoderma you trust to carry out at the same time bioprotection of backs and the soil from diseases. In case roots at seedling weak, it is possible to opudrit them korneviny. It will provide reliable sewing of seedling.

When planting weak cabbage seedling, you should not land it deeply. As the gentle small stalk can crack, be damaged and the plant will not take root. Further such plants are gradually hilled to the lower leaves.

Strong seedling is buried to the lower leaflets at once.

After landing the planted seedling is watered once again, mulched and pritenyat for some time from the sun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team