What to make wall partition in owner-occupied dwelling of

What to make wall partition in owner-occupied dwelling of

It is much simpler to make partition in owner-occupied dwelling, than in the city apartment: permission to re-planning of the room will not be required, it will not be necessary to drill concrete or brick. There are several materials which in the best way will be suitable for the partition device in owner-occupied dwelling.

The partition in owner-occupied dwelling can be made brick, glass blocks, gypsum cardboard, boards, foam concrete blocks, gas-silicate blocks. Each of these materials imposes the requirements to condition of the room: bearing capacity of overlapping, quality of wood of which walls are made.

Features of partitions from glass blocks

Metal guides, special glue or cement and sand solution will be necessary for the device of not bearing wall from glass blocks. They are binding for all constructive parts. As glass blocks through each 2-3 rows it will be necessary to fix to wall near which they are built, it is important that it was strong.

The design from this material has quite big weight therefore previously it is necessary to make sure that floor will be able to sustain this loading. If the partition is mounted in one-storey building, it is recommended to examine logs and covering of the lower overlapping. If there is no such opportunity, and construction is built many years ago, it is better not to risk and choose lighter material for the wall device. Similar requirement is imposed to brickwork constructions.

Features of partitions from gypsum cardboard

Gypsum cardboard – the optimum choice for mounting of partitions both in owner-occupied dwelling, and in multy-storey. It is easy, strong, simple in mounting. The device of wall requires metalprofile of two types: rack-mount and directing. These products are intended for mounting of framework. In addition, it will be necessary to get suspension, self-tapping screws on GVL, SMM self-tapping screws of 3.5/51 mm. From tools the electrofret saw, scissors on metal, the screw driver, stationery knife will be required. If there is no opportunity to use metalprofile, it can be replaced with wooden bars section 3/3 or 3/4 see. Self-tapping screws on tree and the screw driver will be necessary for mounting of such framework.

Features of partitions from foam concrete blocks and gas-silicate

The partition from the blocks manufactured of foam concrete or gas-silicate cannot be mounted in rooms with the increased humidity. The reason for that – hygroscopicity of this construction material. Therefore such walls are not recommended to be built in bathing and shower rooms, in kitchens, in baths and saunas. Partitions from foam concrete blocks have undoubted advantages: they have lightweight, are strong, differ in the high speed of mounting and small labor input of works. Construction of these designs requires special glue structure or cement and sand solution. It is possible to cut blocks by means of the electrofret saw or normal hacksaw.

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