What to paint concrete fence with

What to paint concrete fence with

Wooden fences are actively used for fencing of rural lodges. But everything once changes. And usual wooden protections are succeeded by decorative concrete fence. Exactly there is question - what to paint it with?

The concrete fence differs from wooden, first of all, in the massiveness. Now the concrete fence can be chosen any form and architecture. Thanks to variety of the choice there is set of various ways of finishing of fences of a such type, allowing to realize the most unusual imaginations on its design. One of ways of finishing is painting of concrete fence.

How to paint concrete fence

When painting concrete fence it is necessary to follow some rules and recommendations. Then painting of fence will become qualitative and will please owners, guests and passersby.

For coloring of fence it is necessary to choose surely day when on the street there is a lot of sunlight. Before process of painting the fence needs to be cleaned. Dust, garbage and web easily are removed by means of broom. Sometimes there is also it that the lower part of fence has very gross contaminations. In this case this area of concrete fence should be washed. And also it is necessary to wash away raid from birds. Usually concrete fence is painted with use of aqueous emulsion ink for works with facade. It has no pungent smell. Before work such paint is dissolved in water. It is very convenient in use. Begin to paint concrete fence only after on its surface it is applied one or two layers of acrylic primer. Putting paint on concrete fence happens by means of the roller or brush. It will be in certain cases more convenient to use spray. For high-quality work it is desirable to have several brushes of the different size.

Choice of color for concrete fence

The choice of color becomes one of the main issues when painting concrete fence. Here everything depends on large number of factors. If, for example, on the site exactly about fence flowers grow, then it is better to avoid bright shades of concrete fence. The fence of green color will be much more favorable to look. Such color will become excellent background for beds. It is quite good to apply white color in any part of fence. It will give to exterior of protection of tenderness and beauty. Designers also recommend to paint decorative concrete fence and the rooftop in one color. Thus, all site will be executed in one style. For the site with modest and ordinary-looking lodge the concrete fence of natural natural shades will become ideal option. It is possible to refer shades of clay, brick, peach color gamma to such colors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team