What to paint kitchen wooden shelves with

What to paint kitchen wooden shelves with

Wood is covered with various protective structures for its protection against external influences. Also are applied various composition of paint, creating the conceived decorative effect on products.

Important part of works - preparation of shelves for processing or painting. It is required to clean them from dust and dirt by means of damp rag. If the tree has been already painted earlier, it will be required to smooth out it abrasive paper. If paint keeps on tree very densely and without damages to type of cracks and chips, the shelf can be not shkurit.

Painting with maintaining texture

Depending on interior the kitchen shelves can be made various on color including to remain with the natural color and shade of that tree of which are made. But features of use them to destination mean creation of protective layer as the tree needs protection against moisture and against fat without which the kitchen does seldom or never.

The expense of mordant needs to be calculated precisely prior to works to take the necessary quantity from one party. Otherwise shades can differ.

Mordants for coloring of tree are divided into oil, spirit, acrylic and water. The choice of flowers not the biggest, but it helps to emphasize structure of wood and to change tone of its coloring. Oil mordants get divorced white spirit, are easily put and practically do not lift pile. Having mixed several tones, it is possible to receive new color. Spirit mordants very quickly dry therefore on joints of layers dark strips and spots are inevitably formed. They are the aniline dyes dissolved in denatured alcohol. Acrylic mordants - the last generation of mordants for wood, in them are used acrylic resins. On tree surface they form thin colored film, less other are lifted by fibers on tree and less other fade. Water mordants can be got as in the divorced look, and powders for independent cultivation in hot water. The tree before their application is moistened and oshkurivat more carefully as this type of mordants strongly lifts fibers.

Decorative painting

For creation of decorative effect the optimum choice at the price and quality is acrylic. Besides, it is simplest in work and differs in it from oil or tempera paints. Acrylic does not demand additional protection after drawing as it is not afraid of moisture and is rather resistant to abrasion. Minuses of work with acrylic can be considered its very fast drying, but for a long time there is wide choice of various additives which are slowing down this process. The color palette of acrylic is much richer than all others - it is possible to find the metallized paints, paints in it the glowing in the dark and large amount of the most various structural pastes which it is possible to give to tree before painting more unusual look.

Except painting, it is possible to apply to shelves in kitchen such technicians as decoupage or applique, raznoobraziv kitchen it is even more.

On the second place oil paints. They are rather difficult in work and long dry, but it allows to correct inaccuracies in painting even several hours later after drawing. Shelves will be required to be grounded, and after full drying to varnish. The color palette of oil paints is not so rich as at acrylic, but also it is possible to find all necessary colors in it without any problem. Such paints as gouache or watercolor to painting of kitchen shelves can be applied rather in children's creativity, than to full addition and decoration of interior. It is simple to work with them, but the watercolor is very transparent and demands drawing several layers, and gouache in process of drying brightens approximately on two tones. Both of these paints to be afraid of moisture, and when drawing on them protective varnish are inclined to be smeared or spread, losing the clearness of contours.

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