What to put at the dacha

What to put at the dacha

At the dacha it is possible to plant fruit, decorative trees and bushes. Flowers, berry cultures here too will be welcome guests. Fans of unusual can put exotic species of cucumbers, tomatoes.

Happy owners of the seasonal dacha can put on it everything that soul will wish. However that each plant perfectly felt, it is necessary to make at first the plan, to think over, as where to put.

We develop the action plan

Before improvement of the territory on paper or orally the approximate plan is formed. At the dacha it is possible to plant fruit-trees. They grow high. That trees did not shade other landings, place them from North side of the site.

One more great advantage of such landings is that they will block other, low cultures, from cold wind. In midland put not only usual apple-trees, pears, cherry, but sweet cherry and even apricots now. It is better to place bushes before trees or along fence – from East and West side. It is possible to plant currant at the dacha: red, yellow, black, white. To gooseberry there will be place too. If "spinosity" frightens him, then buy bushes without thorns. As well as the last species of sea-buckthorn without needles, new grades of gooseberry please with lack of thorns too. If there is a wish to regale in the summer on fresh carrot, sweet beet, useful greens, friable boiled potato, gentle peas, then too it is simple to grow up these and other vegetable cultures on the fazenda. The kitchen garden is located from South side of the site, before bushes and trees. It is good to give 2-3 beds for strawberry, wild strawberry.

Decorative cultures

Besides plants which allow to regale on vegetables, berries, fruit it is possible to plant on the seasonal dacha "food as a hobby". It will please looks. First of all are flowers. Perennials do not need to be planted every year, but not only in it their charm. They beautifully blossom and will decorate with themselves any fazenda. It: rose, clematis, lilies, peonies, narcissuses. Annual plants look perfectly too. Put tsinniya, petunia. Such flowers at the dacha look amazingly. They do not demand special care, as well as marigold, asters, cornflowers, sweet pea, curling ipomeya, kobeya. The last are good for vertical gardening, they will cover unattractive grid chain-link, will beautifully braid not solid fence, having closed the overview from adjoining properties. Not only the curling flowers, but also ornamental shrubs, for example, barberry will help to take cover from curious neighbour's eyes. It can be cut. Such green hedge will answer tastes of owners of the site. Beautifully hosts, thuja look on the site. Fans of exotic can grow up in hotbeds not only multi-colored tomatoes, the Syrian and African mini-cucumber, but also fragrant melons, and juicy watermelons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team