What to put in April

What to put in April

April - the middle of spring, and it means that time for works in the kitchen garden has come. This month it is necessary not only to manage to collect the fallen-down last year's foliage, dry herbs, branches, to process pristvolny circles of fruit-trees from wreckers and fungal diseases, but also to put some cultures.

What to put in April at the dacha

At the beginning of April it is possible to start landing of many cold-resistant cultures. If the soil has got warm up to +8 degrees, and at night air temperature does not go down lower than couple of degrees with minus sign, then it is possible to plant garden radish, peas, fennel, bezrassadny cabbage, salad, rhubarb, carrots, sheet celery and parsnip. Closer to the middle of month it is possible to start landing of normal and sheet beet (mangold). The end of April - favorable time for planting of early ripening cabbage.

What to put in April to the open ground

To the open ground in April it is possible to put cold-resistant cultures like peas, garden radish, sheet salad and other. Moreover, this month is very favorable for landing of tomatoes to the open ground seeds. If air temperature was established 10 degrees in the afternoon, and does not fall to night below zero, then can safely plant tomatoes. It should be noted that the tomatoes which are grown up thus are more resistant to various diseases, plants differ in improbable fortress and yield good harvest. If weather in night falls hour up to-5 degrees, then in this case it is quite possible to plant spring garlic and onions seeds and also parsley and sorrel (only you should not soak seeds before landing).

What to put in April to the greenhouse

To the greenhouse in April it is possible to put all the listed cultures (parsnip, sorrel, sheet salads, beet, etc.) are higher, it is also possible to seed early carrots. The only difference between landings of these cultures to the open ground and hotbed, in the last collecting the first harvest it is possible to make much earlier.

What to put in April from flowers

Most of gardeners-gardeners in the spring as soon as the earth gets warm on 10 centimetric depth up to +7 degrees, is landed by crocuses, narcissuses, tulips and hyacinths, considering that it is the only flowers which are suitable for landing in so early time. However there are also other quite beautiful florets which can also be planted in April. Irises, phloxes, peonies and bee balms belong to them.

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