What to put in kitchen garden

What to put in kitchen garden

The people having seasonal dachas sometimes do not seek to set kitchen garden with various cultures, herbs and berries, and do huge flower beds and beds. But nevertheless it is worth thinking of landing of some vegetables and fruit, in shop you can buy the products stuffed with chemicals, and the vegetables are always more useful and more tasty.


1. First of all think that you will be able independently to grow up. Evaluate the size of the site and its location. Remember that some plants do not transfer the sun, and others will not undergo blackout. Let's say your site is in shadow, that is the solstice is equal to 3-6 hours, plant beet, garden radish, cabbage, pumpkin, celery. These plants not really love heat and light. If your site is lit rather well, plant tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, pepper.

2. A lot of things depend also on soil type. For example, you have on the site light sandy soil. In this case land early ripening cultures (bush pumpkin, squash, pumpkin and others). At reverse situation (on kitchen garden the heavy clay soil prevails) stop the choice on late-ripening cultures (tomatoes, cucumbers, beet, garlic).

3. Also you have to make a start from the experience. Let's say you consider that it is not enough. Then put those cultures which it is easy to grow up and look after them. Here it is possible to carry pumpkin, bean, beet, garden radish, squash, etc. Experienced gardeners can try to grow up tomato, pepper, cauliflower, celery and other cultures.

4. Pay attention and to the site sizes. If it small, you do not land potatoes, cabbage. You can gain these cultures in shop for rather low price at all seasons of the year. Try to apply the mixed landing, that is on one bed land several cultures. At the same time consider that some vegetables and fruit watermelon and potatoes in couple are impossible.

5. On kitchen garden you can place also bushes. Buy sea-buckthorn saplings, this berry is very useful, it can be frozen for the winter in the freezing chamber. From sea-buckthorn tasty kissels which are vitamin-rich turn out. If you suffer from elevated pressure, plant honeysuckle as this berry perfectly lowers pressure, in addition it strengthens walls of blood vessels and increases their elasticity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team