What to put right in the sun

What to put right in the sun

Many summer residents think that can be put on sunny side of the house: there, where the whole day gets the sun. There high probability of the fact that the plant will dry or will burn because of direct beams of the sun. Right in the sun perfectly perennial plants grow without additional leaving. After such flowers leaving is necessary only in the first year of their life, and then they extract to themselves water and nutrients from soil at the expense of powerful roots. The choice of flower growers is rather big – there are many various long-term flowers which will please all summer with the blossoming.

1. Delphiniums are very popular among flower growers. These are the plants which are densely covered in flowers in the form of hand bells. Flowers at it large therefore the plant needs support that he has not laid down on the earth.

2. In the sun, phloxes perfectly grow. The phlox panicled is perennial plant of low growth. Peduncles at it dense, with large flowers of various coloring. The phlox very pleasantly smells. If after blossoming to cut off it, then during the summer it will blossom the second time.

3. The shrubby aster is pochvopokrovny plant which blossoms in star-shaped flowers till late fall.

4. Geliopsis – perennial, something reminds sunflower. Flowers at it large, long remain on plant.

5. Daylily – perennial with large flowers in the form of asterisks or hand bells. It quite strongly expands.

6. Coneflower – very unpretentious plant, with inflorescences in the form of camomiles. This plant strongly and quickly expands therefore needs constant cutting.

7. Kotovnik is plant in the form of bush which can be cut off under any form. It blossoms numerous small flowers. Kotovnik will be suitable for any bed.

8. Lavender – small plant with the trimmed foliage and fragrant flowers. It is often planted about borders because of its kustistost.

9. Hollyhock – high, with numerous flowers plant. Flowers at it simple, the color happens from pink shade and to violet. It is often put at the end of the site that they towered over all other flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team