What tomatoes are good in the greenhouse

What tomatoes are good in the greenhouse

Hothouse conditions differ from normal - some plants feel in the open ground better, others demand the enclosed space. In the greenhouse the big humidity at quite high temperature is created that is favorable for cultivation of tomatoes. But the same conditions are good also for wreckers therefore it is worth paying special attention to fight against diseases.

For the greenhouse choose hybrid grades which are resistant to diseases. Tomatoes have to have ability to form ovary in different conditions and to limit the growth. Easily semi-determinant and determinant hybrids of tomatoes conform to these requirements. In the market there is such huge number of seeds now that it is impossible to learn them all. Experienced gardeners choose successful for the region and conditions of the greenhouse of grade by practical consideration, planting plants gradually and signing beds.

If you have high big greenhouse, you will suit also indeterminantny silnorosly grades of tomatoes. They will demand thorough leaving and attention, but also harvest you, undoubtedly, will please. Proper handling brings up to 50 kilograms of fruits from 1 sq.m.

It is better to combine tall tomatoes in the greenhouse with srednerosly grades to reap crop continuously. Do not forget to tie up tomatoes as their stalks do not maintain the weight of fruits. Choose early ripening hybrids with maturing for 85-90 day after landing to the greenhouse. It can be grades, for example, "Hurricane", "Typhoon", Semko-Sindbad, "Friend", "Toll". From srednerosly well prove to be: Samara, Verlioka, "Tornado". They fructify a bit later – for 95-105 day. Experienced gardeners note also other popular grades. The late-ripening hybrid of Vaynmon is resistant to diseases and yields good harvest of small red fruits with smooth glossy thin skin. "The leader 165" – tall grade with the average term of maturing, fruits will please you in the heated greenhouse from fall to spring. Tomatoes "Long Kiper" will be suitable for the low greenhouse under film, they late grow ripe and yield pink fruits which are well stored. Unpretentious and fertile Manimaker enjoys wide popularity. You will collect yellow sweet tomatoes from hybrid "Honey drop". Excellent saturated taste at medium-sized fruits of early ripening and srednerosly grade "Samara F1". From silnorosly hybrids it is worth trying to land in the greenhouse "Super Marmand". Its fruits differ in great taste. "Tiger Tomato" – grade quite old, but not losing the popularity because of unpretentiousness. And fresh and in preparations the hybrid Oksana is good, it early ripens and has cylindrical red fruits of the average size.

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