What trees will give shadow on the site

What trees will give shadow on the site

Planning garden landings, the beginning gardeners make typical mistakes. To avoid them, it is necessary to decide on the preferences and to obtain as much as possible information on those plants which want to be had in garden.

How to plan garden

Laying out garden, inexperienced gardeners can experience difficulties when planning landings of fruit and decorative trees and bushes. At the same time they seek to plant as much as possible saplings, absolutely forgetting that adult trees need much more free space, otherwise plants in the conditions of the increased density nachnut to be ill and perish. For harvest and the necessary decorative effect it is possible in that case and not to wait.

To receive the maximum return from garden, it is necessary to follow certain rules and when landing plants to consider soil type, weather conditions of the region, characteristic of the planted plants (their maximum height, krone width, growth rates, the maximum productivity, the neighbourhood of plants).

You should not hurry, better to approach business thoroughly, in the beginning it is desirable to make the schematical plan of the site. Will be useful also to read special literature and to decide on the expectations: trees and bushes for creation of beautiful composition of landscaping are necessary in garden or the gardener is going to implement the grown-up harvest in the market. Otherwise large number of fruit-trees will not be necessary condition, but nevertheless it is desirable to observe necessary balance between beauty and advantage of garden.

What trees to plant in recreation area

For rest it is possible to create the site in garden which would protect from the scorching sun, gave cool and the soft rarefied shadow where it is possible to sit in gazebo, to have a rest with calm, lying in sun bed, to listen to rustle of leaves, hum of insects, singing of birds. If on the site at the moment there are no plants, costs for achievement of this purpose to stop the choice on fast-growing bushes and trees: it can be linden, decorative elder, guelder-rose of Buldenezh, lilac, mock orange, hydrangea or high-quality rowan, bird cherry. Their advantage is that they during blossoming and maturing of fruits decorate garden, are decorative during any season and their leaves: from gentle-green in the spring to ruby-red in the fall, and late fall the garden will be decorated by bright clusters of fruits and also to serve as fertilizing for birds in the winter. It is at the same time possible to plant trees which grow slowly. Coniferous belong to them: cedar, decorative fir-trees. But these trees will give dense, dense shadow – it is pleasant not to all therefore it is better to use such plants for decorative registration of lawn, and for recreation area to stop nevertheless on foliferous trees, such as linden, apple-tree, birch. Uniform council cannot be as each site has only to it inherent features. If there are doubts in correctness of the choice of plants, it is always possible to consult to specialists in landscaping creation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team