What types of fences exist

What types of fences exist

Fences on the seasonal dacha are "face" of the house – their people notice first of all. There are different types of fences, however everything unites them mounting of design which fastens on the brick, wooden, concrete or metal columns vryty to the earth. Elements of filling of flights between these support are different.

Wooden fences

Classical and popular kind of fence the design from the standard fence with the sharpened (rounded-off) top terminations is considered. They are established vertically, with the interval equal to width of each of them. The fence is manufactured of pine wood. It is necessary to get already ready fence as independent production of its parts – quite difficult and labor-consuming task.

One more popular type of fence – protection from ready panels which simply and quickly is established on any site. Width of standard panel boards is 1.8 meter, and height – from 600 millimeters to 1.8 meters. The majority of ready panels is wooden boards which are laid at each other with an overlap (or are bound among themselves) and are framed with steady wood structure.

All panel fences have reliability and durability – even at usykhaniye in them gaps and slots are not formed.

Shpalernye or the grills from tree possessing the rigid construction which is reliably recorded on columns perfectly are suitable for country houses and seasonal dachas. The fence from soft wooden levels or thin rails from wood can also be used as support for the curling ornamental plants.

Metal and concrete fences

Fences from the cellular metal gauze which is fixed between rod posts perfectly are suitable for those who do not like to build paling around the possession or just want to designate their borders. The good grid fence is made of the strengthened grid covered with zinc or plastic and recorded on the thick wire or extension tense between columns.

Traditionally all protections from grid are intended for support of various plants or delimiting of space.

Among owners of solid houses or cottages fences from concrete elements which as much as possible fence the site from foreign views are popular, have impressive exterior and practically do not demand leaving. Their design represents number of horizontal concrete elements which are located the friend on the friend up to the necessary height and connect among themselves. Each number of such concrete guard rail reliably is fixed in the grooves which are specially provided for this purpose done in rod posts from similar material.

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