What wall-paper it is the best of all to use for uneven walls

What wall-paper it is the best of all to use for uneven walls

If walls of your apartment not absolutely equal, it is necessary to choose finishing for them very attentively. The majority of finishing materials on uneven walls will look awfully. Neither liquid wall-paper, nor decorative plaster will help to hide defects – opposite, will emphasize. It is necessary to choose other materials which could help with creation of beautiful interior.

Choosing finishing as wall-paper, by all means define difference of roughnesses of walls. It can be done, using the construction level or plumb. If at measurements the differences have made more than 30 mm, it is better to choose other way for finishing of walls. At differences of 30-50 mm it is better to carry out preliminary alignment of surface with use of finishing mixes.

What wall-paper to choose for pasting of uneven walls

If you are limited in funds for repair, it is better to get two-layer paper wall covering. They not only are rather dense – they have convex stamping. Pasting of walls such wall-paper visually smoothes roughnesses, walls take good exterior and cease to irritate living in the apartment.

When the sum allocated for repair allows to buy better materials for finishing, it is necessary to consider such types of wall-paper as vinyl and flizelinovy. They differ not only the good density, but also beautiful exterior, as visually, and physically allows to level walls.

What is represented by wall-paper vinyl and flizelinovy

Vinyl wall coverings externally more brilliant and smooth, and flizelinovy looks more noble. Therefore to thicket recommend to use in living rooms and bedrooms flizelinovy wall-paper, and in kitchens or halls vinyl. Vinyl wall coverings may contain in external layer various additives – metal particles, powder of mica, fiber of artificial silk. Frothed vinyl not only is good in the esthetic plan, but also gives to walls color and also reports the invoice. There is also washing kind of wall-paper, but they should not be applied to uneven walls because of too smooth and brilliant surface – gloss will be poured and it is even stronger to parade defects. Due to dense laying wall-paper on interlining best of all can hide roughnesses of walls. This finishing material can be both normal, and intended for painting. If in the future wall-paper is is decided to be replaced, at their removal from walls only the top paper layer will clean up. Lower, flizelinovy, will remain. Thus, without labor-consuming putting the leveling mix of surface will be prepared under new repair. Vinyl wall coverings with opaque surface best of all is suitable for pasting of uneven walls, it is good if their basis flizelinovy. At their gluing it will be necessary to apply glue not on wall-paper, and on wall – it is more convenient. It is necessary to paste accurately the first cloth – for this purpose better to use level. It is important to choose correctly glue which is intended for gluing of this type of wall-paper.

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