What walls at the house happen

What walls at the house happen

Body of your house are walls. As material for walls can serve, anything, but everything depends on climate in your region. But not only the climate plays role in the choice of walls for the base. Also the number of storeys of the house and your financial opportunities matters.

Wooden walls

The most widespread material for construction of walls is the tree. Here it is only quite expensive construction material which, besides, has the mass of shortcomings. The tree is suitable for construction of frame houses. If climate in your region rather dry, then tree – ideal building material for walls of your future dwelling. If the humid climate, then tree can begin to decay, in it insects who will gradually destroy logs or bars from within will be got. Tree it is possible to refer its environmental friendliness, low heat conductivity to advantages. Shortcomings are low vlago- and fire resistance. To increase durability of tree it process various structures, however it reduces its environmental friendliness and air permeability. In other words, your house will not "breathe".

Brick and stone

As excellent and also widespread material for walls serves the brick. But bricks are different too – hollow, silicate, whether dense ceramic. Besides, nobody forbids you to construct wooden house, and for facing to use decorative brick. Each type of brick possesses the merits and demerits. But the main shortcoming is its rather high cost.

Block houses are quite popular. Blocks for construction also are different – gas-silicate, keramzitobetonny, shlakobetonny, foam-concrete or opilkobetonny. It is possible to refer their high frost resistance to advantages of block walls, simplicity of construction and the affordable price.

The above walls rather easy, and therefore houses can be under construction of them practically on any soil. But there are also quite heavy construction materials which are applied to construction of houses only on solid and steady soil.

Heavy walls

It is possible to carry to heavy walls:

- reinforced concrete;

- aspics;

- panel;

- monolithic.

As a rule, such walls in residential buildings are practically not used. Most often walls of industrial buildings are made of these construction materials. But nevertheless concrete can be used also at construction of owner-occupied dwelling, putting up jellied walls from shlakobeton, opilkobeton or haydite. Such house will differ in high frost resistance and air permeability.

Wall and adobe

Little-known, but because not bad, construction material for wall construction of owner-occupied dwelling – adobe. This material is applied generally in rural zone. However, already and there houses from more modern construction materials began to appear. Adobe - quite cheap material. It consists of clay, straw, sand, and sometimes even manure.

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